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November’22★★Newest★★Huge Affirmation Thread

Post as many of your favorite affirmations as often as you like!

You get exposed to more information in one day than a well-educated individual living in the 18th century encountered in a lifetime.
 You have up to 80,000 thoughts a day.

 You are bombarded with 4,000 messages daily in your environment. It’s no wonder that you forget things! Carmen Coker

{why do I list so many affirmations, you may ask? It has been said we have  at least 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day. Often we simply replay a thought repeatedly. Imagine, if you take charge of your dialogue -- well ... don't think I need to expound further. } (:

I claim what I write immediately 

I tweak then to fit the experiences

I love

Join in anytime 

Be true to what you desire 




ok here goes:

I have slowed down to speed up.

I am now ready for whatever moment

I am in and my moment  is now ready for me.

I listen with all of me … demonstratively to my inner child forevermore.

I can do this now.

Now I have a better plan.

I am good at this.


→ I AM Co-creation in a perfect process.

& fully expressed in the most ideal ways

Affirmations are awesome!!!!
▪ → My present optimistic consciousness and my own happy energy are my greatest success



- - ☑It is really good to feel this peaceful and grounded.
▪ My energy and abilities exceed any task.

- - ☑Everything cooperates with me because I Am cooperating with me.

- - - ☑I balance my life to create alignment between my needs, abilities, desires, and purpose

☑My goals have soul, and that’s why they get my complete attention

▪ —- ☑My focus is limitless, resilient, and rewarding.

I love myself for who I Am 

I am serene in this cycle , there is no end to it

I am beautiful in all ways 

I am passionate about life . I am faith filled.

I am very well organized . Life is so much more simple and I feel fulfilled with the ease and flow of all I am wanting and needing 

I keep things simple, clear snd easy.

By living in the present, allowing true surrender in my life ; I AM strength .

I acknowledge beautiful clarity and truth in my life 

This puzzle in my mind has taken shape and now I am feeling what a piece a cake things really can be. I love the things I need to do.

I choose to notice that I have allowed wonderful things to occur in my daily experience.


My stressors have become entertainment and my frustrations   have become refreshing INSPIRATION.




“I go to the inner place where there is no challenge,and abide in the consciousness of peace joy”

→   My mind is constantly creating optimistic and positive thoughts all day long about everything I do.                   

Today is a GREAT day to have a GREAT DAY!!!  →

  Peace, love, joy is my gentle essence and gives me my happy circumstances→

  I have the time, talent, and intelligence to accomplish all my desires.  →

You’re the one that figured it out.

I Am living a Divine plan

I Am living a Divine plan

I understand that the price of peace - is love.

In response to Joy Grows here's post:


Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

In response to Joy Grows here's post:

agree- wonderful affirmation!

Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.

Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.
William Arthur Ward

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