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★Books We Like or Looking For

I would imagine this would be a great place to search for book reviews. Since I am quite comfortable with the views of the vast majority of people at this site, I think if we were searching for a particular type of book, ones recommendations here would be really appreciated by those looking for a particular topic.

So, I will start(: I’m looking for book(s) that would familiarize an already health conscious person with becoming (or eating more of) a vegan diet. When I say healthy, that would omit artificial sweetners, and an abundance of sugar or ones that make soy the main protein in most of the recipes.

If you don’t have a response to this search, feel free to ask about a book you’re searching for and hopefully someone in the community will have one for you. Good reading to you(:

HI laurie,

Believe it or not I only have on vegan cookbook on my shelf! Mostly I veganise other recipes so they fit with meeting other allergy requirements too.

A great book however is The Gluten Free Vegan by Susan O’Brien. I had to get it from the States, but well worth it. Particularly because you mention not using soy as your main protein, this book includes lots of recipes with beans, lentils and grains like quinoa. I find many other books rely on cheese-substitutes as well which can get expensive.

As an introduction, O’Brien talks about the vegan diet (and the gluten free one in this case) and discusses how it is an entire lifestyle and not just about food.

Other than this book, I’ve found it quite hard to get real information. I rely on forums and other websites mainly to review products and any new research about vegan health.

In response to melt86’s post:
Hi Mel!(: Thanks for the book title, I’m going to look for it. I couldn’t open the site you had posted, but found it just the same. I think that kind of book is exactly the kind of book that could get be going on some great, healthy veggie meals(:

“Cooking Without for vegetarians” is a good one, it is sugar, dairy and gluten free. The recipes are easy and adaptable. I’m not sure who it’s by but an amazon search would find it.

In response to B-Girl’s post:
Thanks B-Girl, that book sounds wonderful too. This thread is really helpful to me(: Thanks again B-Girl and Mel.(:

I have a couple of books I would love to share, they are ….

The Australian Womans Weekly Detox, by Pamela Clark, ISBN 1863966226, PUBLISHER: ACP Books ( It has four detox plans and more than 100 delicious fresh recipes )

The Joy Of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, ISBN-13: 1-978-59233-280-9, PUBLISHER: Fair Winds Press

Vegetarian Collectors Edition by a variety of people, ISBN 978-1-74022-588-5, PUBLISHER: R&R Publications Marketing Pty Ltd

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In response to Pure Essence’s post:
Wow, Pureessence, I am excited about checking these resources out. You’re great!

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