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in process/summer★★NEWEST★★energy of KnowingWhatYouWantToDo&DoingIt

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I may not be able to direct the wind but I can adjust the sails.



Don't wait until you learn more. Go out now and use what you have.

It's not about how to achieve, it's about wanting to achieve.


quipple733.jpg915bc2153b210d2ef0a61ad62f0038ad.jpgI live a life of positive inspired action!

You will know the right way when you find it, because suddenly everything becomes easy.



I live a life of positive inspired action!

“Even when my schedule appears full, I ease into everything with delight and Divine Perfect organizational skills. It is going to be a great day and a great life"


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Hello Bmindful!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Something that I have needed has been becoming

easier  for me-

->I have been allowing more for myself ...

in the areas of  personal development.

The goal was to better create during

and beyond my work schedule.


It is my hope this thread will assist

in what it takes for me to 'carry on' 

It is also my hope -

that others participate & or receive inspiration too(:




We know so much more than we ever give ourselves

credit for, and we have access to even more!

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Whenever you feel you need a hand, there's one at the end of your arm.



☑I Am completely and joyfully dedicated to ____________

☑The next step is clear, I Am knowing and inspired to take complete action and feel good about it all

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I Have InspiredAction-Easing w/delight&DivineOrganizational Skills



I hope someone somewhere at some time enjoys it too!








 Easily I Am co-creating.



Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!~ Joel Barkercd047ebe2781974d533d5391fc9c45be--bliss-quotes-goddess-quotes.jpg

I have given myself the gift of perfect permission to complete things to my real satisfaction.

I Am an ingenious co-creator of my own energy and energy level. I Am consciously and consistently experiencing being spirit centered and wonderfully refreshed whenever desired.

My goals have soul, and that's why they get my complete attention.









I Am living a Divine plan

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I Am living a Divine plan

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related threads coming soon

I Am living a Divine plan

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Neville Goddard | Neville goddard quotes, Neville goddard, Inspirational  words

I Am living a Divine plan

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personal-growth-quotes-elisabeth-kubler-ross.png?auto=format,compress&cs=stripScreen-Shot-2014-05-17-at-2.56.00-PM.jpgImage result for napoleon hill appreciation action pic quotes w/delight&DivineOrganizational SkillsImage result for napoleon hill appreciation action pic quotes

I Am living a Divine plan

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I Am living a Divine plan

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I live a life of positive inspired action!


Yes! This is the flow I love that leads to my inspired action!




I take inspired action, I do what I need to do, to get where I want to go


I Am allowing myself to Be whatever I enjoy feeling. I do this simply and powerfully by doing more of what works in my life...



Most people spend more time-thinking about dinner than thinking about what they want to achieve in life.


Inspired action


is the adventure


that is taking me


to places I love.


I have a profound sense


of what is possible and I


have deep willingness to


faithfully act on it.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8Ar_cTfIyp30ORSO_MOnXdO8kPgLHk7ixQ94IJOjLwmKj0bwX&sToday I am feeling sorted


out and ready to ease


into my daily tasks.



You’re the one that did it.

You created the plan

You’ve read the books.

You’re the one that figured it out.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbM_fSPCA73QlY3hBzwCMvFZmUElGQR_UzfGl_dvh8uni5Jf9dqA&s

All feels just right as never before!

I celebrate the finished product and my progress along the way!

 I see myself         feeling         doing         being 

I Am living a Divine plan





I Am living a Divine plan

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