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★★NEWEST★★page 4~Owning Your Life & Loving It˚

please enjoy sharing a quote,comment, affirmation or intention which resonates of Owning Your Life & Loving It˚

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I Am living a Divine plan

  →   As I focus on bliss, it becomes apparent to me that it is truly accessible. 

→   The sacred is ever present. I need not conjure it, and cannot create it. It is in our midst as an unsolicited gift. I need only do my best to honor it as I grow more attuned to its language 

→   I am serene in this cycle, there is no end to it. 

→   I claim my personal power and accept responsibility for all aspects of my life 

→   I am fully awake, refreshed, enthusiastic and ready for my wonderful day 

→   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I Am living a Divine plan

  →   My awareness of what I want and applying myself is awesome! 

→   My wisdom gives me the ability to perceive, believe and proceed. 

→   I love how I go to any part of what I am working on and appreciate all I have done so far. 

→   I feel the way I desire to feel to accomplish what means so much to me!! 

→   I live in my reality and you are my guest. 

→   I am a beautiful, confident, warm-hearted person

  →   I am capable and organized. My efficiency is more than ample to get any job done. 

→   I am appreciative for the capability of thinking clearly and prioritizing with such perfect clarity. 

→   I efficiently transition into each new activity, fully knowing and trusting that my consciousness will adapt, overcome, and enjoy each present circumstance.


Wow! I accomplish tasks of all levels of complexity with uncanny ease.


 →   I live in a home that makes me deliriously happy.Image may contain: one or more people and text









I Am living a Divine plan

I Am now I Am later. I am cradled in God's love and Supreme Loving Power  


I Am living a Divine plan

 →   My daily tasks are Divinely inspired and I Am Divinely Assisted.

I Am living a Divine plan

  →   I Am completely and joyfully dedicated to ____________

I Am living a Divine plan

→   I am continuously replenished by divine energy in my body, mind, and soul.
  →   I choose the path that gives well to my soul.  →   I Am loving the creative ways I am solving what needed my attention

I Am living a Divine plan


Love this video right above before sleep(:



I Am living a Divine plan

Owning Your Life & Loving It˚- I love this  theme!!! Our lives really are our own and yet often our energy travels a detour- route. We travel and attach ourselves elsewhere. Knowing your life is your own - what would you like to experience and why aren’t you experiencing more of what matters to you? Obviously there are areas in our life we can ‘only’ influence and not own. We aren’t meant to overly identify with ‘things’ ‘people’ ‘environments’. Why do we become things outside of us? Our spirit place always welcomes us. It always lets us be our best self by reminding us who we are and what really matters. It often shows us much of what we want we already are when we get out of the way. This is a great moment to listen to that place which already knows us and never leads us astray. Love selfcare (written as first thought of morning before getting out of bed) (:

I Am living a Divine plan

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