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★Help me increase my love for my family

Hi all, Hope all are doing well , I am yash a new member here, I need your guidance and help regarding improoving my love for my family, I am 24 years and all my life i have been put down by my family. My Mom , Dad and my brother and including me are a small family but the I have been raised in a very negative environment, where there was always suffering lackness hatred and all possible negative influences now i have learned about affirmations and abundance, I am also practicing these but i still get negative influences and negative vibes from my family. I love them a lot whenever i try to share my love and peace, they put it aside and continue with their old grieved patterns of life. I try to tell them about abundance and gifted one book to my mum to understand the basics of life bu she dint read it at all,

Now the situation is that i somehow have started hating my mum and wish to be away from her, but i do not want the relationship to end ,for in my belief a mother is divine essence of GOD, but her negativity and narrow mindedness make me feel uncomfortable In short i want to love her and see her not to suffer and enjoy the life . I do not want my family to waste even single more moment to miss the purpose of life thats” LOVE IS ALL THAT IS” , Guys please help me handle this situation.

Hi Yash…Welcome to Bmindful :) You are meant to be here! I am soo sorry to hear of what you are going through…I have been through the same as you, always around negitive people…best thing for me was to keep at my affirmations, love and forgive those people who harmed me, went to womans groups, surround myself with loving positive people, immensed myself with reading self help books, listen to relaxing music, do the things I enjoy, anything and everything that I needed to be strong and grounded.

These people you cant change, they are the ones that can only change when they are ready…These people are hurting inside for some own reasons, there is NOTHING wrong with you, its NOT YOUR FAULT they are like they are, the stuff is all theirs and its heartening that they lash out at the ones closest to them.

Keep your head up high Yash! You have alot of loving supporting people on this site who will help you help yourself…
Much blessings and love Denise

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you pure essence for your support , while i you were posting a message to my thread i wasreading your profile and was going through your affirmations. You have really very beatuful aet of affirmation it tempted me to write down and indeed i have written a few. Thank you very very much

Your are so very WELCOME Yash :) {big cuddle} I love the way affirmations work on our minds, they have a very powerful effect on us. I wish you all the best in your growth of spirituality Yash, you are gifted and unique…Warm thoughts Denise xxx

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In response to yash’s post:

Dear Yash,

You have started on a wonderful journey of love for yourself. You can change yourself but your family has to change themselves. If you can get “Louise Hayes” “You can heal your life” this is very helpful. It is very difficult to be in a family who does not want to change. When they start making fun of you or telling you names. It will hurt but you are already on the road to healing and changing. One day it will not hurt you. People find it very threatening when someone rocks the boat. Keep it up you are in for some wonderful surprizes. May you be blessed always.


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