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Days of the week and different affirmations?

Hello all, ive been doing affirmations for a while now on and off, due to fighting bad illness and not being focused. I was wondering a few things, how many affirmations do you do? do you only focus on one or two or more daily for a few months then switch out what doesn’t work for you?

Also, i follow a spiritual path where the days of the week have certain energies associated with them, would you say that doing certain affirmations during those days, would bring more energy with it, even different times of the day, such as sunrise = new beginnings, Noon = high energy, mid-day = waning energy, etc, same with the cycles of the moon, waxing, waning, full, etc

Here is an example of daily energies:
Day Ruling Planet Symbolic Value
Sunday Sun health, healing, success, strength, career, goals, ambition, personal finances, advancement, drama, fun, authority figures, law, fairs, crops, volunteer and civic services, promotion, the God, men’s mysteries, children, buying, selling

Monday Moon lucid dreams, astral travel, imagination, women’s mysteries, reincarnation, women, children, the public, domestic concerns, emotions, fluids, spirituality, nursing, all things pertaining to water and bodies of water, antiques, household activities, initiation, astrology, archetypes, religious experience

Tuesday Mars passion, sex, aggression, energy, strife, action, courage, swift movement, sports, guns, tools, metal, cutting, surgery, police, soldiers, combat, confrontation, mechanical things, repair, hunting, beginnings

Wednesday Mercury wisdom, healing, communication, intelligence, logic, memory, education, phone calls, computers, messages, students, merchants, writing and editing, advertising, signing contracts, accounting, critics, visual arts, hiring employees, learning languages, placing ads, visiting friends, legal appointments, astrology

Thursday Jupiter business, gambling, social matters, political power, material wealth, publishing, college education, long-distance travel, foreign interests, religion, philosophy, forecasting, broadcasting, publicity, expansion, luck, growth, sports, horses, the law, doctors, guardians, merchants, psychologists, charity, correspondence courses, self-improvement, researching, reading, studying

Friday Venus romantic love, friendships, beauty, soul mates, courtship, dating, artistic abilities, harmony, affection, relationships, partners, alliances, grace, luxury, social activity, marriage, decorating, cosmetics, gifts, income, growth, gardening, architects, artists, beauticians, chiropractors, dancers, designers, engineers, entertainers, fashion, music, painting, poetry, household improvements, planning parties, shopping

Saturday Saturn protection, neutralization, karma, death, manifestation, structure, reality, the laws of society, limits, obstacles, tests, hard work, endurance, real estates, dentists, bones, teeth, farm workers, sacrifice, separation, stalkers, murderers, criminals in general, civil servants, justice, math, plumbing, wills, debts, financing, joint money matters, discovery, transformation, relations with older people.

I have a very open mind, and am looking forward to feedback thanks so much.

May you be Blessed

you are correct that the different days have different affinities….that is correct….obviously you CAN do any type of magick and affirmations on any day you wish and during any moon phase and during whatever moon sign and sun sign and during a retrograde or not etc….alignment does promote alignment, though alignment does NOT dictate alignment…there is a very, very big difference

you, after all, are using these subtle, yet powerful energies to enhance your magick/your affirmations…therefore, always go with your intuition first in this respect….remember you know more than you think you know….and that the magick of days and moon phases DO have great magickal power…though…Yah and Ruach are the magick in your life that have created you and given you the power of YOUR affirmations….remember that….any enhancement you use..is simply a blissful BONUS!



By the way…I worship El Shaddai and Ruach and have Emmanuel The Christ as my Messiah…and yet I know and believe the same truths that you are talking about here…you see….magic has always been simply that….‘MAGIC’ …it is not specific to just any one belief system…anyone can use it, can strengthen it, can enhance it, can align with it….you see…Yah created magic and He wants those who have the wisdom to use it wisely for His glory and our blessings, to do that….and you have a wonderful spirit…a beautiful heart …an innocent soul…you are doing perfectly my friend…PERFECTLY!


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