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new★★home for my soul

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"She is a Storyteller

Once upon a time
There was a girl.
She believed in magic
She believed she could be anything she wanted to be.
She believed she would grow up and that all of her dreams would come true.
She believed she would have love, be love and give love.
She never doubted that belief.
She never doubted herself.
She danced.
She sang.
She played.
She dressed up.
She laughed.
She cried.
She wore her heart in her smile.
Close your eyes.
You can hear her laughter.
You can see her joy.
You can remember.

Once upon a time,
There was a young lady.
She tried hard.
She did her best.
She followed the rules.
She did as she was led to believe was right.
She found love, fell in love and lost love too.
She built a wall.
She forgot.
She worked.
She fell down.
She made mistakes.
She lost her voice.
She lost herself.
She found it hard to smile.
Close your eyes.
You can feel her pain.
You know her suffering.
You know that feeling.

Once upon a time.
There was a woman.
She felt something.
She heard the call.
It took a long time
For the right words to come.
She listened to her heart.
She listened to her soul.
She listened to her intuition.
She began to trust in herself, in the future and in her story.
She started to believe again.
She started to believe that all of her dreams would come true.
She started to believe that she had the magic.
She started to remember that she was love, could have love and give love.
She started to believe in herself again.
She threw away the doubt.
She danced.
She sang.
She played.
She dressed up.
She laughed.
She cried.
She wore her heart in her smile.
Close your eyes.
You can hear her laughter
You can see her joy
You can feel it
You can remember.

This is not The End"

Beautifully written by Alexandra Gold

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A home is not simply a building; it is the shelter around the intimacy of a life. Coming in from the outside world and its rasp of force and usage, you relax and allow yourself to be who you are. The inner walls of a home are threaded with the textures of one's soul, a subtle weave of presences. If you could see your home through the lens of the soul, you would be surprised at the beauty concealed in the memory your home holds. When you enter some homes, you sense how the memories have seeped to the surface, infusing the aura of the place and deepening the tone of its presence. Where love has lived, a house still holds the warmth. Even the poorest home feels like a nest if love and tenderness dwell there.


You are sacred purpose.

Whatever your ways of distracting, postponing, delaying, armouring, avoiding, altering, feigning, artificializing, externalizing, superficializing your life… STOP IT NOW.

This is no game, this is completely real, this sacred purpose that courses through your soul veins crying out to be heard from below the surface of our avoidance. I cannot say this with enough assertiveness...

To the extent that you identify and honour your true path in this lifetime, you will know genuine satisfaction, real peace in your skin.. You will be infused with vitality and a clarified focus, new pathways of possibility appear where before there were obstacles. You will know a peace that will buffer you against the madness of the world, a clarity of direction that will carry you from one satisfaction to another…

Life will still have its challenges, but you will interface with them differently, coated in an authenticity of purpose that sees through the veils to what really matters. To the extent, that you avoid the quest for purpose, you will live frustrated, a half-life.. your avoidance manifest in all manner of illness, perpetual dissatisfaction, emotional problems, depression, addictive patterns, all reflections of own alienation from the purposeful root of your being..

You see, there really is no escape from reality, all there is, is postponement.

You should be more afraid of avoiding your path than walking it.
~Jeff Brown~


beautiful thread!

I continue to read above and below...


Thank you for sharing!

love & hugs, selfcare

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Letting go of sentimental items


Iit's very inspirational! You made my day, thank you!


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May be an image of text that says "A beautiful peace overcomes me A calm deep within that knows Wise beyond its years, an ancient intuition takes hold and settles in my It heart the And I know I only need to look at this window In the peace of the morning In silence of new beginnings In the dawn of another day TO know that everything will be okay. www. KattleenWonders .com"

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love this!

In response to flowergirl's post:

awesome quote, thank you!

Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.

Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.
William Arthur Ward

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