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★★Master Mind- Master Mind Group {Napoleon Hill}...2

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2.  Master Mind Principle.

The coordination of effort between two or more people in a spirit of perfect harmony in order to attain a specific objective.

Exercise:  Keeping in mind the steps for creating a Master Mind group given below, list the people who can help you reach a goal, as well as the ways in which each can help you.

*  Adopt a definite purpose with an objective to be attained by the alliance

*  Determine what appropriate benefit each member may receive in return for his cooperation in the alliance, and see that he/she gets it

*  Establish a plan through which each member makes a definite contribution

*  Ensure that harmony prevails in the group

*  Remember that your watchword is definiteness of plan and purpose

*  Calculate the number of individuals in the group by the nature of the purpose to be attained

No person can become a permanent success without taking others along with him or her.




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The moment you outline your definite major purpose, it will immediately be clear the sort of person, or people, who would be most appropriate in aiding in the attainment of that goal. By aligning with someone who possesses the knowledge and experience you lack, along with the qualities of dependability, loyalty, and positive mental attitude, you will find a partner who will help to see your mission through to completion. A partnership with the appropriate individual(s) is essential, and with regular meetings and maintained harmony...{TO READ MORE}

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I love brainstorming and enjoying the diversity and synchronicity when teaming with others.

I love when I am enjoying alignment and coming up with ideas 'on my own'

I love how the Universe supports my dreams.

I love when someone gets to know me, and shares that they care about dreams which 'belong' to me.

I love supporting the ideas and dreams of others.

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In many ways Bmindful Community is a Mastermind Group!

When we share on our own together ...(:

And when we select members to continually communicate with here.

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recently my husband and I have been teaming differently in our brainstorming, supportive energies.

Napoleon Hill (has once again} entered into our inspiration.

Anyone else feel empowered by the material that is available 'courtesy of Napoleon Hill'?



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