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Create what works for you-

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Today is a great day to share on threads... a great day to create a thread, add to existing one, and share a motivational anything ...that  works for you





Inspiration is everywhere... bring your own & or utilize what is beautifully here.

Bring your magical selves to this magical  forum

Anticipating -always wonderful possibilities-  (: 

ⓂⓊⒸⒽ Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ to all of us,  AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities˚, aka selfcare(: 




Did you know Bmindful got its start with people who just trusted they were in the right place at the right time with whatever they were feeling, and with like-hearted  people every time?
Each time they landed on the site…something worked for them and others…

Bmindful has always been in the vortex (: hearts_fractal_brushes_by_szuia.png


  • Following (awesome) Mission Statement written by Nancee53:Bmindful is a wonderful platform of expression, education, enlightenment and encouragement conducive to being totally Free to express and share all the love inside of all of us- especially You and Me








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beautiful, Nancee (:


Today is a good day to spread LOVE! 


Hello Leader1 & Trickletrade!


so glad you both stopped by too... sharing what you love!

And you know you are spreading the love!!! 





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What Is A Discussion Thread-

coming soon





Most Recent Discussion (beginning from most recent)

Threads In Process

Support & Accountability-Selfcare

Breaking Open-What Truth Did You Discover-Kathi

Be The Change. What Do You Want?-Kathi

Incorporating Tough Love In Affirmations-Bright Angel

My Ripple Effect-Birdman

New Beginnings-Rebirth - Birdman


Current Happiness Discussion Mtg-Powerfully Magnificent Radical Acceptance


Other threads coming soon




All threads are beautiful & sacred around here.... I simply loved this pic!!!!Image result for sacred threads pics


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