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★★Random thoughts page 4


Feeling good

is the path

to wellbeing.


Source is always

there loving you.


celebs talk Law of attraction

What you want is to feel good.

what you want is to come into alignment with who you are.

what you want is to know the direction

of which way you're headed in the stream.

What you want is to have awareness of how you feel.

what you want is vibrational alignment.

what you want is inspiration.

What you want is connection.

What you want is passion.

What you want is a conscious deliberate living of life.

And how it plays out, it doesn't matter.


All illness

(you call it dis-ease, that's a really good word)

is the opposite of the ease that you would allow

if you would let go of the oars and go with the flow.

What we want you to understand is that

as long as you are looking at illness,

you are contrary to the wellness.

You have to find a way of making peace with where you are,

on whatever subject it is that's got you contradicted,

and as you let go of those oars,

the stream will turn you,

and you will find yourself weller

than you have ever been before.

The sicker a person is,

the greater possibility of a weller future.


Recipe for joy:

Seek joy first and foremost.

Seek reasons to laugh.

Seek reasons to offer words of praise to self and others.

Seek beauty in nature, beasts, and other humans.

Seek reasons to love in every segment of every day.

Look for something that brings forth within you a feeling of love.

Seek that which uplifts you.

Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another.

Seek a feeling of well being.

Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy.

Acknowledge your absolute freedom to do any of these things,

or not do any of these things, for it is, without exception,

you choice in every moment of every day.



You just cannot look at someone

with absolute love in your being,

without them coming into alignment

with the absolute love in your being.

This is the way you uplift the world.

You love them unconditionally.

You don't love them because they're lovable,

you love them because lovable them

is in your vibrational escrow.

You don't love who they're being right now,

you love who-they-really-are.


What we want you to understand is

you are teaching life how to be to you.

Life isn't being that way to you willy-nilly.

You are not here to have life descend upon you

and then observe it and accept it.

You are the creator of your own reality.


It's all about ease, and choices and fun.


and choices

and fun.

OH MY!!!


When you remember that nothing

can come into your experience

without your vibrational invitation of it,

then you do the simple work of paying attention

to your own vibrational offering,

and you save yourself the enormous task

of controlling the behavior of others.


Jung is my hero! :-)

Dean Radin gave a brilliant speech a few years ago explaining that our consciousness interacts with the building blocks of reality at a sub-atomic level. I thought that was a pretty unique way for science to start to come around to the law of attraction.

The ego can only exist with effort.

If you make some effort ego is fed.

You are doing something,

you are reaching somewhere,

you are acheiving something.

When there is no effort,

there is no ego.


In response to Mesmerio's post:

Will watch the video tonight.

Thank you.



Hi Robert

Completely agree with the emotional aspects of your writing above. Our consciousness dictates the entire reality that we will experience. If we act with emotion (not saying not to be unsympathetic or a robot), then we are also sapping needless energy into something which may not exist. 

Let me know if you like the video. I found that it really blew my mind :-)

In response to Mesmerio's post:

I will do. Thanks again.

You have

to be


to get




Andy Warhol.

You create your own

Universe as you go along.

Sir Winston Churchill.

Ted X This is quite AMAZING!

Joy is what happens

when we allow ourselves

to recognise

how good things really are.

Marianne Williamson.

We just have two questions:

Is it fun? Is it easy?


As you understand that you are an evolving being,

you can't hold to things that happened before.

Your guidance is out ahead of you

because the Source that is you

is constantly becoming.

and to look back for the guidance

is counter-productive.


The only suffering that takes place

anywhere in this Universe,

is in the human experience

when you do not allow yourselves

to be in alignment with Source.

The only suffering that exists anywhere in the Universe

is in this vibrational gap,

where you have not allowed yourself

to keep up with you.

That's it. That's it. That's the extent of it.

And when you croak, it'll be over.


Start pointing yourself deliberately downstream

in order to induce relief,

because someone who can irrationally induce relief

will always have outrageous success.

it happens to everyone who is irrationally able

to induce their own relief.


There's something that goes wrong

when a person is finally convinced

that they are broken,

or that they are inappropiate in some way.

If you can hold yourself in a place

where you know unequivocally of their value,

they will rise to show you that value again

and again, and again, and again.


If you are


in something. Go at it

full speed ahead.

Embrace it,

hug it,

love it.

Lukewarm is no good.

Roald Dahl

Everybody's running around

trying to find someone to love them,

when what all of you really want

is an object of attention

that pulls pure energy through you.


Life is a journey.

Fill your tank

with Joy.


If you take the manifestation out of the equation,

so that you see this thing that you like,

and you ponder the idea of it,

and the idea of it gives you pleasure,

now in this moment you are experiencing it.

Vibrationally speaking, you possess it.

Vibrationally speaking, you are it.

vibrationally speaking, there is no absence of it.

And as you, vibrationally speaking,

keep maintaining that point of attraction,

it has to manifest in your experience.


Gregg Braden

Don't look for love.

Quietly give it away

and let it find you




When you understand

that everything is


The universe

becomes a symphony.


Quiet people have the loudest minds.

Stephen Hawkings.

From non-physical you begin envisioning

a place like this planet.

And now you are living that dream

that you have imagined

in the same way that, later in this lifetime,

you will experience the physical manifestation

of thoughts that project you from this arena.





Acknowledge well-being,

and you will receive it back

a thousand-fold

in everyday that you offer it.



You are right on track, right on schedule.

Everything is unfolding perfectly.

All is really well.

Have fun.

Have fun.

Have fun.


We want you to know that finding fun

is the most responsible thing you can do.

Find as much fun as you can in a day,

and do anything else you have time for.



It's not for escaping reality,

it's for creating reality.



I don't have to

make this happen,

and I don't have to

fix broken things.

I just have to relax

into the inevitability

of my well-being.


Just try to imagine what is the perspective of Source energy.

It's an emotional experience, it's what you all want.

It's the party you're all on your way to. It's the joy you all seek.

It's an allowing of the understanding and worthiness

which is at the basis of every single thing that you all want.

We are living the ultimate manifestation.

if we can convince you that the manifestation that you seek

is the manifestation that we live,

then you'll have it figured out.


We encourage that you deliberately take some air in.

And then before you let it out, take some more air in.

And then before you let it out, take some more air in.

And before you let it out....and you say,

"I can't take anymore in,

because there's no place for it to go."

And we say, yes there is,

take some more in.

Expand your capacity.



John Kehoe

The Universe is

working for you tonight.

Heaven is holding


about you.

Angels have been

assigned to you.

It's gonna be alright.


"ABRACADABRA" is actually a Hebrew phrase


Physical beings, in their wanting,

are attracting the stronger non-physical energy.

That's why those like Abraham

are present in greater numbers,

and are being received in greater clarity.

It's not because we are more intense in our offering,

it's because you all are more intense in your asking.

Which means this time and place

is really working rather well for you, isn't it?

It's one of the most remarkable times of physical man

being physically focused and non-physically intertwined.

It's the reason we call it time of awakening.



If physical experience becomes more intense

than you can endure given the set of intentions you hold,

you just wake up back in the non-physical realm

where it's only pure positive energy.

and then, you know what you say?

"I want to go back, I want to go back, I want to go back"

And the reason you want to go back,

the reason that you're so eager to get right back into that,

is because within it there is the evoking quality

that eternity is made from.

And from the non-physical realm,

you do not see anything but potential,

you don't see danger, you only see potential.


You said:

I come from Source energy.

I come from a vortex of well-being.

I'm adding expansion.

I'm one who has the energy that creates

worlds flowing through me.

I'll get my bearings and I'll choose

what I want to focus on and I'll focus on it,

and the energy that creates worlds will

flow through me and I will contribute to the

well-being of the planet.

That's what you said.


You were born worthy.

You can't be less than worthy.

In fact we want to impress on you this understanding that at all times,

under all conditions there is a showering of well-being upon you.

It is profound and profuse and eternal and always present.

There is always a showering

of adoring, loving,

an appreciating of

Source about you.

Always, always, always there.



Find yourself relaxing into whatever is happening,

while you are improving what will happen tomorrow.

There is nothing more exhilarating for us

than to watch you consciously living

the physical manifestation

of what you deliberately conjured yesterday.


Are you understanding how it is

that you are the creator of your experience?

By observing or choosing an object of attention,

you literally achieve vibrational harmony with it,

so that through observation you flow Energy.

That means that whatever you are giving your attention to,

for the time of your attention

you are Vibrationally in harmony with it,

And as you are vibrationally in harmony with it,

that becomes your point of attraction.

And since it is your point of attraction,

it begins movement towards you.



We always know

you are AWESOME.


One of the most confusing things children encounter

as they begin to understand language

is the dichotomy between the words their parents offer

and the accompanying vibration.

It is of such value to a child

when a parent expresses

with words what they are actually feeling,

and of even more value when the parent

works to be in alignment

with the truest of their feelings

before they express anything at all

toward their child.


The amazing movie

If you could count all of the hours

that all of the physical beings

that you know of have lived,

and then count all of the hours

that all of those physical beings

have lived in sickness,

you would find it infinitesimal in comparison.

The wellness is so much more extraordinarily evident

than the lack of it.



All your negative emotions mean

is that you could focus better.

The emotion you feel is the indicator

of the vibrational relationship

between how you are focused,

and how the Source within you is focused.

It's not a judgement. It's not that you've done bad.

It's just a simple reminder

you could direct your thoughts

in a more productive, better feeling way.

You're off course just a little bit,

that's all those emotions mean.



A creator is not someone on their way to their creation.

What you are creating is the conditions,

the moment to moment experience.

You are creators of the feeling place,

which means your creations are instantly manifested

when you understand that.

It's not about getting from here over to there.

It's not about reaching the goals.

It's about having identified what you want so much,

that the vision of it empowers you now.


Everything is always working out for you

no matter how it looks in any moment.



You can take short cuts

right to all kinds of abundance and satisfying moments

if you could just capture the essence

or the feeling of what satisfaction feels like.

Just be satisfied,

and the universe will yield to you

all things that match that.


When you feel

a peaceful joy

you are near

the truth.



Very cute


There is always, in your immediate vicinity, not fewer than twenty

very real probabilities opening to give you what you want.

But you've got to get in vibrational proximity of it.

So somebody like you, who is willing to continue to dream

even while manifestations that you formerly dreamed for

have not come to fruition,

you've got the magic formula.

As you keep dreaming, as you keep wanting,

as you keep adding stuff to the pile,

and, more importantly, as you keep using your dreams,

as you reason to feel good in the now,

good stuff just avalanches into your experience.


Deliberate creating is recognising that you get to choose.

And once you have chosen,

as you describe, as you talk about why you want it,

as you explain it, as you fantasize it, as you visualize it,

as you make your vision more dominant

than your observation of what-is,

what-is shifts to your vision.

And that is what the deliberate evolution is about.

That is why you are here.


It's so easy to give other people credit

for the way they behave.

That's sort of what feels logical to you,

but it isn't logical,

because the way they are behaving to you

always matches you expectation.

People will raise or lower

to the level of your expectation.


You have to find

what sparks a

light in you so

that you in your

own way can

illuminate the world.

Oprah Winfrey.

Charles F Haanel - Part 1

No medicine

cures what



Gabriel Garcia Marquez

We are wanting to state very emphatically here

that there is not a physical body,

no matter what the degree of deterioration,

that cannot find perfect health.

We cannot speak that powerfully enough.

It is not some germ or some sort of disease

that has asserted itself into your experience

that has control.

You have control.

And your physical body is responding

only to the balance of thought within you.


All that is required for you to live

120 years, or 220 years,

or as long as you are wanting

to remain here in this physical body

in a healthy state of being,

is that you find your balanced place

of joy.


The only way that you discharge or waste energy

is when you are focused on the lack

of what you are wanting.

You are infused with the energy of the Universe.

And, as long as you are focused

upon what you wanting,

the infusion of energy continues.


If it feels good,

it means Source agrees with that thought.


Get ready, it doesn't stop shifting.

It just gets better and better and better.

So that's another reason to understand that,

since it won't stop shifting

because the vortex is going to continue to expand,

and your relationship to the vortex as it continues to expand

then is something you've got to keep up with,

the potential for satisfaction just gets

greater and greater and greater.

And your capacity to experience the goodness

gets greater and greater and greater.


If you come together with another

who is also in alignment with Source,

then the relationship that you are having

with that person is magnified many fold.

being tuned in, tapped in and turned on,

and being with someone else who is also,

is just the height of all

glorious physical experiences.


You are never moving through this life experience

giving your attention to anything that the whole of you

is not participating right here with you.

The Source within you,

those people who have made their transition that you adore,

those masters that you know about,

even those religious figures that you know of,

all of them,

all of us who have ever made transition to the non-physical

are flowing with you here and now,

are fully focused with you here and now.


Striving for improvement is

not a necessary thing,

because evolution and

expansion is the most

natural thing in the



I ask you to recapture the courage and joy

and expansion you felt as children -

when each new day was a miracle to be explored,

and there were no authorities

to tell you how to explore it.


There is no afterlife. It is all now.

There is only the now life.

You think it's after this, but it isn't. It's now.

Everyone that you know who has made their reemergence

into non-physical is here with you now.

There's no afterlife, there's just now.

Here's where all of the power is.


Charles F Haanel - Part 2

No matter what it is, if you really want it,

and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen.

It must be.

It is law.

It can be no other way.

It's the way this Universe is established.

If you want it and you relax, it will happen.


You are all connected to Source energy,

and well-being is what is natural to you.

And as you come to expect that things

will always turn out right,

then things will always turn out right.


Do you know that you cannot identify

that you want to feel good without beginning

to attract thoughts that uplift you?

It is impossible.

It is only that wee little decision that is required.


Do you know that everything you are living,

everything that you or anyone else

are seeing or living,

everything that is being lived by anyone

is in response to the stories they are telling?

Period, that's all.

The way you think, the way you feel,

your moods and attitudes -

you are the point of attraction.


Welcome to planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot

be or do or have. And your work here ----

your lifetime career ---- is to seek joy.


These two are really sweet

Stop trying to control the uncontrollable

before you can be happy.

Don't let the conditions define you.

Let your desires define you.


A word on miracles.

Don't let those that have

yet not transpired, blind

you to those that have.

Mike Dooley.

If you can't do

anything about it,

laugh like hell.

Dave Cook.

It's not



who are




people who

are happy.

Leticia Rae

You live in a state of grace.

You forget that when you feel good,

only good things can come to you.

It's just a matter of relaxing,

and good things will come.


There's not an economy that's being divvied up,

and you've got to figure out how to carve your piece of it.

There's an economy that's in the process of being created

that is responding to the vibrational platform

that you all hold.


You came here for life to give you objects of attention,

to which you were to turn your attention

so that you could have a frolicking.

We want you to get the sense that even in the absence

of things that you have identified as goals that you want,

there still can be frolicking.

Frolic before the manifestation.

Frolic on your way to the manifestation.

Frolic because frolicking is natural to you.


Keep yourself happy regardless.

Keep yourself feeling good regardless.

Ignore what-is in any aspect

that doesn't please you,

because what-is is old news.

Your manifestation in your physical reality

is old news.



We want so much for you to acknowledge

this Universe, all that is, Source,

everything that you know,

is conspiring for your well-being.

And to the degree to which you allow it,

it's reflected right here, right now.


WOW! Love this.


In response to trikletrade's post:

Cool onelaughing

What is the stream? what makes the stream flow?

Well, it was the intention that you set forth

even before you came forth into this physical body.

It's a powerful current.

And when you relax and allow yourself

to go with the stream,

it will carry you to everything you've amassed

in your vibrational escrow. It really will.


Talk more about the Vortex and less about what-is

because you cannot look back

and forward at the same time.

You cannot look back,

and current reality is back.

If you're just looking at current reality,

it gets boring really, really fast.


Nothing is more exhilarating

than to dance through life

recognising that the Universe

is there to yield to you

whatever you want,

whenever you want it.


Charles F Haanel

Only your rendezvous with the vibration

keeps it coming.


Don't be angry at life.

It is not life that is

frustating you,

it is you who

are not


to life.


Seek joy first and foremost. Seek

reasons to laugh. Seek reasons to

offer words of praise to self and

others. seek beauty in nature,

beasts and other humans. Seek

reasons to love in

every segment of

every day.


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