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★★Random thoughts page 3


You are an Eternal being, and loving harmony

is your inevitability. Dwell in the optimism of



We prefer the word APPRECIATION to the word LOVE,

because LOVE is so loaded for physical beings.

You've sort of ruined the word

because you speak of LOVE when you don't have it,

You speak of LOVE when you don't feel it

And you speak of LOVE when it's missing.

And so LOVE for most people

is tainted with resistance,

where APPRECIATION is a purer vibration.


are all evidence of ALIGNMENT,

which must mean absence of resistance,

which must mean focus

into the fullness of who you are.



LOVE is alignment with that which is LOVE,

and practising it until it is unconditional,

knowing it so completely

that you can't be dissuaded from it.

The best definition of LOVE is

awareness of self

and the determined decision

to be in complete ALIGNMENT

with that which is Source -

that which is truly who you are -

and appreciating every rascal

that challenges it,

and makes it more and more and more

important for you to do that.




May I be a guard for those who need protection.

A guide for those on the path.

A boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood.

May I be a lamp in the darkness.

A resting place for the weary.

A healing medicine for all who are sick.

A vase of plenty, a tree of miracles.

And for the boundless multitude of living beings,

may I bring sustenance and awakening.

Enduring like the earth and sky,

until all beings are freed from sorrow,

and all are awakened.

It is said that the "Dalai Lama" recites this prayer every morning, as part of his morning rituals.

Catherine Ponder

Well-being is the natural thing

that is happening to you,

and when something

other than well-being happens,

it means you've been

thinking those thoughts,

or doing that thing,

and holding yourself apart

from that well-being long enough.


If you are involved in something

that is nurturing your very being,

then what difference does it make

which of the activities you are using

as your excuse for alignment?

You didn't come here to get that stuff done,

you came here for the thrill of doing it.

So if you're thrilled at doing one thing,

what difference does it make

if you can't do all the others, too?

It's the thrill that you're after.

It's the alignment that you're after.


You have all the time in the world.

You have Eternity.

You are an Eternal being.

And you didn't come here to get it done,

you came here to be inspired,

to move in the direction of something

because it feels good

to move in the direction of something.


I love this, very beautiful

Greg Khun

The world is full with people who, no matter what

you do, will point blank not like you. But it is also filled

with those who will love you fiercely. They are your people.

You are not for everyone and that's OK.

Talk to people who can hear you.

Don't waste your precious time and gifts trying to

convince them of your value, they won't ever want what

you're selling. Don't convince them to walk along side you,

you'll be wasting both your time and theirs and will likely inflict

unnecessary wounds, which take precious times to heal.

You are not for them and they are not for you: Politely

wave them on, and continue along your way. Sharing your

path with someone who is a sacred gift: Don't cheapen this gift

by rolling yours in the wrong direction.

Rebecca Campbell

I can't think of any better

representation of beauty

than someone who is

unafraid to be themselves.

Emma Stone

We never take our eyes from you.

we are aware of every desire you hold,

and it is thrilling to see what lays before you.

Universal forces are

yahooing down the canyon even as we speak.

There is GREAT LOVE for you here.


Claude Bristol

We would like your marriage vows, or you relationship vows to go like this.

Dear one, I want you to know that, as much as I love you,

there is someone who comes first before you,

and that is my alignment with the source within me, my inner being.

That's who I'm devoted to, that's who I am aligned to.

That's who I am feeling for. That's what my commitment is to.

And my promise to you is that I will give you as much as I can:

the fullness of me, not a seperated one.

I going to do my best to satisfy my alignment, and, therefore,

give to you the gift of someone who is aligned.

I won't be needing or demanding from you

behavior in order to keep myself happy.

My happiness will be dependent upon my focus.


Unless you do that thing

that makes you not feel good,

you're going to feel good.


There is

no reality

aside from your

definition of it.


You don't have to explain anything to anyone.

There is no one in your experience that has the power

to hold you apart from your dreams.

Swati Pal.


Let joy be your dominant intent.

Only if you are seeking joy can you ever know

where you are on this vibrational meter.

It is only in the quest for joy

that you are in the place

where you can summon

the non-physical energy.

And it is certainly

only in the quest for joy

that you will allow it to flow.


Stuart Wilde

We would chill out and pet the cat,

and bask in an environment of

knowing our wellbeing.

And the sorts of things we would say

to the cat as we are petting it are...

"You are a perfect creature little furry thing.

And I am a perfect creature, less furry but perfect just the same.

Help me to discover the nonchalant attitude that you've aquired

that helps you to allow the wellbeing that you so much deserve"

And we say the reason that we are talking to about the cat,

is because the cat has the attitude we want you to achieve.

The cat knows it is perfect, and doesn't care if you know.





Be selfish in knowing who you are,

and be generous in being who you are.


The key is

Get feeling good and then take action,

Get feeling good and then take action,

Get feeling good and then take action,

Get feeling good and then take action,

Get feeling good and then take action,

Get feeling good and then take action.


You cannot struggle to JOY.

Struggle and JOY are not on the

same channel.

You JOY your way to JOY!

You laugh your way to success.

It is through your JOY that

good things come.


Where you are is where you are,

and where you are is just fine.


Jim Rohn

Wherever we go becomes our neighbourhood

when we are vibrating with Source.

Swati Pal

When you are in the vortex, you are loving unconditionally.

And when you are loving unconditionally,

the object of your attention feels loved.

Most relationships by normal human standards mean compromise.

And compromise means giving up some of what you want.

That's the basis of permanent unhappiness.

There is no compromise in unconditional love.

With unconditional love you can't make something else

more important than your alignment with Source.


Knowledge accompanied by light heartedness

is all that en-lighten-ment is.

Swati Pal

Dr Wayne Dyer

Be however you choose to be.

Our love for you is not dependent

upon your behavior.

Our love for you is unconditional.

And that's the way we want you to be.

We want you to experience

the deliciousness and the naturalness of loving

in spite of what's going on.


Always go

with your


Never ask


if it's realistic

or not.

Deepak Chopra

If you get to the heart of what you want

and why you want it,

and focus upon the why of it,

you're more likely to deactivate

the unwanted vibration,

and activate the wanted vibration.


We've noticed that when you fall in love, you clean up a

a whole lot of vibration that's been in your way. Because you

find something to focus upon that is more consistently in that

better feeling place.

So we would like you to find something

some one, some concept, some

flower, some child, some animal,

some picture. We would just like you

to fall in love all day with that

and that and that and that and that

and that and that.


Ernest Holmes

This is the secret to happiness:

If you are moving in the direction of your identified desires,

you're happy in this moment.

If you're moving in opposition to your identified desires,

you are unhappy in this moment.

Does it really matter where you are if this is a wonderful journey?

Don't you want to stop feeling angst about not being over there,

and start loving where you are?


Manifestation comes on the heels of vibration that is consistent.

Wanted or unwanted,

you get what you think about

whether you want it or not.

You get what you consistently think about

whether you want it or not.

You get what you consistenly imagine

whether you want it or not.


We want to break this to you gently,

the reality that you consider so real, isn't.

This reality that you consider so real

is changing constantly.

It's changing to the vibration

that you have going on.

So it is changing to more of the same in most cases

because you are observing what is.

So where imagination comes in is

thinking about something other than what is.


Being in alignment with your inner self

is your greatest loving of All That Is,

and it is your greatest gift to All That Is.


Dr wayne Dyer

Every physical being on your planet

is your partner in co-creation,

and if you would accept that

and appreciate the diversity

of beliefs and desires,

all of you would have more expansive,

satisfying, and fulfilling experiences.



Source unconditionally loves you.


Everything is mood based.


Les Brown

Love is a fruit in season at all times,

and within reach of every hand.

Mother Teresa.

See yourself living

in abundance and

you will attract it.

It works every time

with every person.

Bob Proctor.

You just have to accept that

you are Oh so good.


Feeling really good where you are

is the best indication of being the deliberate creator

of anything that you could ever do.

When you don't care that you don't have it,

but you're in love with the idea of having it,

then you're there, satisfied with where you are

and eager for more.


No one can assume your point of attraction,

so no one gets the credit or the blame

for anything that happens to you.

You get all of it.


Justin Perry

Worry may seem logical,

but it never is.


The only thing that has been getting in your way,

the only thing that has been holding you up,

the only thing that has been troubling any of you,

is one thing, you have not been appreciating YOU.


It's about letting the universe know

what you want and then working toward it

while letting go of how it comes to pass.

Jim Carrey.

Louise Hay

NOTHING needs to be fixed.

EVERYTHING is unfolding perfectly.


And then I learned

the spiritual journey had

nothing to do with being nice.

It was about being real, authentic.

Having boundaries.

Honoring my space first,

others second.

And in this space of self care

being nice just happened,

it flowed not motivated by fear

but by love.

michelle Olak.

Instead of wondering when

your next vacation is, maybe you

should set up a life you don't

need to escape from.

Seth Godin.

Justin Perry

You are uniquely, personally perfect.

You are uniquely asking,

and Source is delighted

to respond to your unique requests

that are born out of your unique

life experience and perspective.

Every single one of you

is unique and appreciated.


It just now occurred to me…For a guy who believes in keeping it simple

I got a lot going on between my ears.

Yours truly,

well actually mine truly,S L

Global warming is not a factor

that need concern you.

The Earth is expanding

and evolving and improving.

It is not shrinking and disintergrating

and declining. It is not.

life is eternal,

and your balanced earth is in good stead.

Worry not about it.


Tyler Wagner

Dogs!! one of Gods best creations for sure

Be easy about it.


Your ego is enormously important

because, from our point of view,

it is your ability to focus

in this time space reality.


Imagine ...

when one who is in alignment is more powerful

than millions who are not, then when two in

co-creation are in alignment with Source,

the seas part, the heavens come down

and the world appears like a magical fairy tale

with everyone co-operating

in the most beautiful ways.

Swati Pal.

Many times

the path to


is to simply


on yourself.



We never have to be worthy of receiving.

We were born with this inheritance

of having anything we desire.

We only have to remind ourselves of it.

That's all our work is, saying in our hearts,

and meaning and genuinely feeling

appreciation for Source and our Universe,

and the way we designed this beautiful

playground for our joyful, loving play,

instantly co-creating its expansion

with every new desire.

Swati Pal.

What is love is always effortless.

The truest love is effortless.

When the effort comes, it is just a sign

that love has gotten a little mix of resistance into it,

and that this resistance needs to be diluted

so that love again becomes pure

and thereby effortless.

Just do a little vibrational work

of feeling softly the essence of desire,

and see how beautifully the Universe

makes love full blown and so fulfilling.

Swati Pal.

Maya angelou

There is nothing that is so bad

that you could not extract

something good from it.

And there is nothing so good,

that there is not the potential of finding

something unwanted within it.


Especially in the rearing of children,

or in the mentoring of anyone,

if you fixate on the parts of them

that you feel the best

when you focus upon them,

then you will activate the parts of them

that they feel best about.



You are LOVE.


The key to long term happiness,

the key to receiving everything that you're wanting,

the key to being the fulfillment

of that which you intended as you came forth,

the key to being that leading edge being

that you were born to be,

the key to living life in the way

that you said you would when you came forth,

the key to keeping up to who you really are,

the key to being the physical embodiment

of the Source energy who is within you -

the key to that is a downstream thought.

Not the best thought you've ever thought,

just the best feeling thought

you can find from where you are.


We can talk about what isn't wanted and go there,

or we can talk about what is wanted and go there.

We can talk about what has been and get more of that,

or we can talk about what is and hold that right where it is,

or we can talk about what is wanted from where you are.

Here you are on this turning point.

What do you want to talk about?



inner being

adores everyone.


Those positive emotions that you feel,

like love and appreciation and exhilaration,

that's us.

You're feeling what we're feeling.

That's right where we are,

and we're right there all the time.


Once you have started seeing

the beauty of life, ugliness

starts disappearing. If you

start looking at life with joy,

sadness starts disappearing.

You cannot have Heaven and

Hell together, you can have

only one. It is your choice.


There is an environment of well-being.

There is no source of not well-being,

there is only a source of good.

There is not a source of bad,

there is only a source of wellness.

It can't go wrong.

As wrong as it can get,

is that you can keep yourself

from going with the right of it.

As bad as it can be,

is that you don't let yourself go

with the good of it.

That's as bad as it can be.


Life is supposed to be fun,

and you are worthy beings.

And good things are supposed to flow to you,

and do.

And you are the director of the way

in which good things flow.

It's not your job to cure your body.

Your body takes care of itself.

It's not your job to be worthy.

You were born worthy and remain worthy.

It's not your job to fix a broken world.

The world is not broken.


There are so many people,

they're well-meaning, but so misguided,

who believe that they'll help you

by pointing out potential problems.

And they don't realize

that pointing out the potential problems

just activates the problem within you,

and prevents you from going to the solutions

that you would naturally find,

if it was not for

their well-meaning prodding.



Pick the things that are true

that feel good

when you focus upon them,

and let that be

the vibrational basis

of your life experience.


It's good to remember

that the manifestation of something I want

is simply the end result of good feeling momentum.

It's good to recognise the good feeling emotions I feel,

the happy conversations, the meetings with animals,

the moments of fun, bliss and basking,

the moments of synchronicity, the green lights,

the fun number plates, the numbers lining up,

the finding of pennies on the ground,

the beautiful flowers I see.

It's good to recognise all this as physical manifestations

along the path of least resistance to all that I desire.


Let it be something you do for fun,

not to change the world,

because the world is always changing

because it is living the theory

that you are still seeking to prove.


The key is to find the wobble free conditions

and focus on them exclusively

until you don't wobble under any condition.


In the absence of resistant thought,

all things are possible.


The feeling of relief,

is the name of the game.


In every case, negative emotion means

you're turned away from what you want.

It doesn't mean something bad

is going to happen and you're being warned,

it means you're turned away from what you want.

It doesn't mean you are unworthy

and aren't going to get what you want,

it means you're turned away from what you want.

It doesn't mean

you should have done something earlier in this life

in a different way or in a past life.

It doesn't mean

you needed a blessing from someone outside of you,

it means you're turned away from what you want.


The Universe is not out there.

There is no out there.


It really doesn't matter what anybody does,

and you really can't accurately evaluate

the value of what anybody else is doing.

You can only know the appropiateness

of what you are doing by the way it feels to you.

And, in anything that you are observing,

it is your work, if you are going to observe it,

to work it around in a way that you are feeling appreciation

for what you are observing.

Otherwise it will be counter productive to you.

We say make peace with it.

You can't keep your gaze on something you oppose

without splitting your own energy.

You just can't do that.


In the beginning there was consciousness,

and in all consciousness there is

that which is wanted and absence of it.

So there were two points of view

within that consciousness.

and that was enough contrast in order for

Law of Attraction to begin the evolution.

Law of Attraction was the natural response

to the being that was.

That's the beginning.


Byran Golden

All of you, without exception, want to know your power.

All of you, without exception,

want to be free in the extending of that power.

All of you, without exception, are uplifters.

All of you want the expansion of this eternally expanding Universe.

All of you want to love and appreciate. All of you want to be of value.

All of you want to offer value. All of you want to inspire it in others.

In other words, these are innate, natural tenets of who you all are.

You are lovers.

You are expanders.

You are dreamers.

You are visionaries.

You are creators of the futures.

You are lovers of the Now.

You are seers into the future

and understanders of what's going on now.

You are powerful, creative beings,

and not one of you wants to get to the end result of anything.


You are blessed beings,

who deserve well being,

and well being is making its

way to you at all times.

If you will relax and find a

way to allow it, it will be

your experience.


Think not about instructing your cells,

but about taking instruction from them,

because they are consciousness

who is in direct conversation

with your Source energy.


You cannot focus upon the weakness

of one another and evoke strengths.

You cannot focus upon things

that you think the other is doing wrong,

and evoke things that will make you feel better.

You have got to beat the drum

that makes you feel good

when you beat it.

And when you do, you will be a strong influence

that will help the other to reconnect

with who they really are.


The conditions and situations

are always moving around,

and the only thing

that you have any hope of stabilizing

is your own vibrational output,

which is everything

because that output equals

what comes back to you.


When you train yourself to be positively orientated,

you're giving yourself a resistance free zone

all day, everyday.

You're resistance- free while you're sleeping.

You're resistance- free while you're meditating.

You're resistance- free while you're basking.

You're resistance- free while you're complimenting.

You're resistance- free while you're appreciating.

You're resistance- free because you choose

to point your thoughts in the directions

of what feels good.


You are standing on the most

exaggarated leading-edge

place of well-being that has

ever existed in any Universe.

And it's only getting better.


Ther is no right or wrong in this world in the sense

that there is this giant right or wrong in the sky,

and this procedure or action is always right,

and that one is always wrong.

And you are not in competition with one another.

You are blessed, beloved beings who have come forth

as magnificent creators

intending to create in this life experience

for the purpose of the expansion of the Universe,

and for the purpose of the satisfaction of joy.


Your reason for being is joy.

When you reach for joy,

you line up with Source.

and when you line up with Source,

you are an extension of Source energy.

And when you are

an extension of Source energy,

everywhere you put your thought

expands this Universe in a lovely way.


Les Brown

Anything that you use as you excuse to feel better

causes you to move in the direction

of all of the things that you want.

You're not choosing one or the other.


You have to feel your success

even before the manifestation

gives you reason to.



Thought is the reason for vibration,

and emotion is the response to the vibration.

So we don't want mind to get out of the way,

we just want mind to be guided from emotional desire

We don't want your mind out of the way

because you need your mind to focus.

And we want your desire for the emotional outcome

to be the basis from which you focus your mind.


You get that you are Source energy,

and that a part of you comes forth

into this body and begins to explore.

Let's call that part ego.

There is no more powerful

or no more important thing for you to do

than to train yourself into self-love,

because you can't come into alignment

with Source unless you do that,

because Source always loves the self

that you call ego.


Why not trust that something even better is coming?

And why not relax and go with the flow

of the evolution of your own desires?

You can't stand still.

You've got to move forward

on all things.


Worthiness, in very simple terms,

means I have found a way to let the

energy reach me,

the energy that is natural,

reach me.


Your work is to tune in, tap in, turn on to who you really are,

and then, anybody that you hold

as your object of attention will benefit.

And you don't have to be in the room with them.

You could be on the other side of the planet.

When you hold someone as your object of attention

and you feel glorious as you do it, you call them in.

You call them to the vibrational escrow

that they have amassed, that you've lined up with.

You serve as a catalyst that calls them forward.

you just cannot offer anyone a greater gift than that.


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