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★★I've noticed some people ________, Though, I tend to ___________.



This thread is geared to appreciating your uniqueness.

Often we all have much more in common than we realize.

Lets share our perception of our individuality, and respond back to EVERYONE, &  express if we relate in any fashion you like(:


fill in the blanks if you so desire(:

I've noticed some people ________ I tend to ___________.


I've noticed some people wake to the morning newspaper and coffee, I tend to:

 ease into my day and wake ever so perfectly on Bmindful straight up.

I'm human I don't like everything, and contrast is valuable. Though more often than not it seems: Some people dwell on things that bother them in varied ways. I dwell on things that lift my spirit in all the ways my spirit loves.

I've noticed some people 

live in the past, future, or the present


I tend to:

live in the now while feeling grateful for my past experiences, and enthusiasm for what is on its way

I've noticed some people

enjoy a lot of life's guilty pleasures

I tend to:

be totally overjoyed by choosing things which create little to no guilt(:

I choose to love what I do. So that's how that works.

If it doesn't work out, its a lesson.

If it does its wise experience.(:


In response to Stillness's post:

that's truly a great one! Thanks for joining in(:


like noise and busy ness 

I like 

calm and peace 

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