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★★What A Beautiful Joy YOU Are!!! ~page 1~



Coming from the place of a beautiful spirit...

Share your loving thoughts of yourself with affirmation, pics & or comments


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When I was growing up my mom would say things like

you have such a good spirit

you have a beautiful heart

I'm not sure if she ever knew what high praise and beautiful messages she was sending.

I'm so grateful for her love... that energy.

We are such beautiful souls... lets feel that in this moment... all of us.

So I guess that is why I have felt unkindness-if someone expressed 'something else' (: 

We are all so beautiful, and when we come from that place... of love that we already are... we can be right where we are... and believe in where we say we are desiring to go.Through-an-open-heart-we-can-learn-the-art-of-being-humble-compassionate-joyful-peaceful-creative-and-loving.jpg

Demonstrating a self care focus... reinforces the joy and beauty in me.


Today I choose see myself as a beautiful soul



I am always beautiful I allow my spirit to show me the way.

I am beautiful because I am patient with myself in allowing good in myself and others.

I celebrate life! I am contented and thankful.I am filled with energy, love, and joy!

I live in the now.

Goodness and joy are mine in all situations

Each moment is a present...a gift of life to me.

  I allow myself to trust Life because I trust my Creator who only creates masterpieces..   


I am this beautiful soul because my intentions are fair and good.



I love myself and allow myself to grow.


I am a beautiful soul because I see myself as a Product from our Creator


I am enjoying how I am getting stronger
 I am capable I am sensitive I am strong

I am not a perfect mold where I never make an error

I am perfect because I allow myself to be imperfect, and from this I evolve & do not stay 'stuck


love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.


love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.


The beautiful joy I am is revealed in everyday life because:


The beautiful joy I am is apparent because I know this about all of us:


love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.


love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.


love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

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love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

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