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★★Allow the Universe To Kiss You All Day.💋 ...1


still being created

The Universe Is Kissing You All Day/intro page

feel free to post/visit anytime

love, selfcare



today is awesome!!!




today is a lovely day & completely enjoyable!!!







Law of Harmony operates in my mind and body




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you may like to play this video in the background (I did) (:

I look for the good in everyone & everything


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Productivity Afformation



An Afformation is an affirmation with a neat little twist that makes a huge difference. Put very simply an Afformation is the question form of an affirmation. Noah St. John is the master mind behind this new way creating. Noah figured out the human mind is always asking and searching for the answers to questions. However, a lot of us spend way too much of our time asking self defeating questions.

source: http://leadingpersonality.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/self-defeating-questions-forget-about-themyou-should-try-afformations/#more-571

related threads in process

thread-Q&A afformations-Why Is My Life So Fulfilling?/Why Am I Doing The Right Things Right Now  

 thread-Q&A Why Do I Love What I Do For Work?


I enjoy being spirit first before leaping to tasks
Actually there is no greater place I like to reside than from my spirit place.
I love to increase the rate of productivity  flow without neglecting  peace of spirit...
This thread is for myself and anyone that can relate to this productivity ease process... of getting things done ... and always ... .feeling the thank you of their spirit.






Intention & Affirmations In Process:

 I will create the most wonderful powerhouse ledger of inspiration and life stuff and it will be awesome for all I love and need. 




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What I seek, I already am.


I Am strong,gentle and capable.

I love how enjoying a peaceful and harmonious environment creates one. 

* Through listening to and following my deepest messages of truth in my body, emotions,intelligence, relationships, and spirituality... I thrive.

*I have moments of brilliance and moments of mediocrity. I remain calm internally regardless. Because my value is intrinsic, external events have no effect on my peace.

*My deep emotions, intelligence, sensations, relationships, and spirituality are beautiful and just right in a space that supports me as I am.



My mind is filled with loving thoughts which ultimately are converted into my life experiences.
I now set goals that command my thoughts that liberate my energies, and inspire my hopes.
Love my colorful system for writing, planning, recalling and action.



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My vision is definite, my purpose is fixed, my faith is steady, and my gratitude is deep.
 *affirmations with asterisk... indicate will share source soon (posted on another  sensitivity thread &  they  fit here too(:  source missing because  site moved











 ☑Mypassion for being in my life is strong because I know what I like to experience

more affirmations/intentions and/or affirmative prayer... 

I can look at what needs to be done, and my plan becomes clear, and I begin immediately with enthusiasm and gratitude for it all.















More often than not, I observe my thoughts...and I choose which ones my spirit resonates with.
Not perfect... sometimes something creeps in like an unwanted visitor... and says my feelings should be hurt, or how will you ever handle this or that...? Thank Goodness I'm not in this alone...lol
I stand back and believe solutions are coming....and I need not have the answers...they are on their way(:
I believe in a Power way Greater than myself, and I feel quite good knowing this love is what created me and what allows me to co-create ... a life I can expect good to happen.




...thank you thank thank you!!!!












 Ram Dump





Kathy Paauw ~ Productivity Consultant ~ Certified Professional Coach

If you want to move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling at peace and in control, here’s a tool to help you
get started. It’s called a RAM Dump. RAM is the memory in a computer—in this case, your brain--that
holds onto all those “sticky notes” or “incompletions” in your life.
An incompletion is anything you pay attention or give thought to that needs to be different than it is right now. Here are some examples of types of incompletions:
 Things you intend to do but have not started
 Things you have started but have not completed
 Things you have completed but have not acknowledged that it's complete/good enough
 Agreements/promises you've made but have not kept









thread still being created

related threads coming soon


feel free to stop by as is

love, selfcare


from your heat to your toes-smile awhile


Today & Everyday  Daily Allowing -

The life energy in my surroundings are really mirrors of what I love, therefore my world is beautifully harmonious,awesomely kind and magnificently abundant.




Today I allow only peace.

If you are losing your peace in your quest for peace, you are not on the road to peace. The road to peace is peace. — Alan Cohen


Today I allow living from a place that is never broken.



“Life is not a task. It’s a privilege.” Alan Cohen

Daily Allowing


Today I allow an ideal day for my most benevolent outcome.

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“Good receivers bless the world as much as good givers.” Alan Cohen  


Today I allow unconditional love for myself as I Am.

From this place my world can only be love.


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"I am living in the constant flow of receptivity. I am receiving everything that I need right now that is for my highest good. Everything I need is here now. I am already connected to everything that I need and now I am fully open to receiving these blessings. I know that I deserve to receive good in my life. I am receiving abundance. I am receiving joy. I am receiving love. I give love and I receive love. The more I give, the more I receive and so I feel completely fulfilled.
I AM Receiving" 


"Love radiates from deep within me. It spreads like the rays of the sun to everyone who I meet today. I give love and I receive love. I breathe in love with each breath. I speak love with my words. I feel love in my heart. I create love. I am empowered by the love within me. I see love everywhere around me. I live in this love.
I Am Love


"My heart is overflowing with bliss. I openly express this bursting joy within me and I follow that passion in everything.  I trust my passion and the topics that make me feel driven and alive. I follow this path without fear. I feel motivated and inspired now. I feel this energizing fire within me as my passion for life grows more and more each day.
I am Passionate."






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Today I feel the harmony in everything

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Today i allow the knowing I Am always growing in the best of ways.

Related image28ac89f18a10799d32efe54439a1dcab--development-quotes-personal-development.jpgRelated imagecfd96c360410f4bc68268015012a6719--positive-motivational-quotes-hold-on.jpg

Today I Am allowing my self to  shine brightly  with love & light.

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today & everyday I Am allowing possibility thinking/believing/creatingImage result for flores anime gif



“I now recognize, accept and follow the divine plan of my life as it is revealed to me, step by step. I rejoice in the divine plan, which is the sublime plan, and which includes health, wealth, happiness, and perfect self-expression for me now.” Catherine Ponder 

Today I allow my complete understanding of how free I Am.

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Today I allow myself to find blessings in everything.


Image result for alan cohen quote pics allowing

Today I allow myself to recall who I Am & what I want... 

And  I allow  acceptance and self-love  unconditionally.

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Image result for playing with universe affirmations

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Image result for playing with universe affirmations

Image result for playing with universe affirmations

Image result for playing with universe affirmations

Image result for playing with universe affirmations

Image result for playing with universe affirmationsImage result for dear universe quote pics

Image result for playing with universe affirmations

Image result for dear universe quote pics

Image result for dear universe quote pics

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