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ok i need to vent a little so sorry if i ruffle a few feathers!

when i first got on facebook late last year i loved it, i was in Bogota Colombia and to my surprise 60% of the people in the hostel had it and we used it instead of swapping emails, now its just a drag and full of idiots like:

- nightclub promoters i have never met constantly spamming me to come to their events with DJs and music i have absolutely no interest in hearing

- people who spend more time manipulating their crackbook profile to look cooler than they actually are than doing the hard yards of personal development to grow as a person

- guys who try to fill their gallery with pretty girls to give them social worth that they wouldn’t have without the photos

- those who have absolutely nothing better to do than spend all of their waking hours going through other peoples profiles and pictures and adding people they have never met to their “friends” list to seem more popular

- those who like gossip go no further than facebook! this is the perfect site to fill that vacuum inside your vacuous skull with tedious tid bits of information like who is going out with who, who dumped who, who is cooler than who and other inanities you find interesting

who else?

I use facebook to keep in touch with family and to organise social events in my community.

If there is anyone I don’t know, I don’t add them to my list.


I’m the same freygan. Unlike many people my age I haven’t added all my school friends …. I moved away from them for a reason! LOL.
And it just gets pety. After a recent work Christmas party we had photos but a few colleagues went crazy saying they couldn’t go on Facebook and be tagged cause all their “friends” would see them!!! There is a simple solution to that problem….

Deleted my account a while back.

Sure it’s convenient sometimes, but on the whole it wasted more time than it saved. (Or at least, I wasted more time on it, than it saved me)

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Lee, ATM, I waste more time here than on facebook :)


time on bmindful is never wasted :)

ahha yeah i am removing one habit by replacing it with another habit, but bmindful is a much more productive habit ;)

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