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★★pg1. soul-messages{dimensions of JOY on the journey}

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 Just Following My Joy


"a better new..." { for a better now...for a better future}


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  Janice Gallant Studios


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Nine Principals of Receiving
1. Love Yourself Fully (Nurture yourself daily) 2. Realize Your Power to Choose 3. Cease to Long (Imagine You Already Have it All) 4. Release Attachment to Outcomes 5. Remain Open to Everything (Doubt Nothing) 6. Give & Receive in Equal Measure 7. Be Grateful for All Blessings 8. Be Present in Each Now Moment 9. Embrace Your Passions & Joy (author?)

awesome list!!!55-things-to-be-thankful-for



I have been honoring my self  more... the me that is always present ... the spirit place.

That is one of my highest values... and it was happening....more

Thank you God!

I found out more ... who 'we'  are is equated with what 'we' want...though so much more than that... 'We' get to that place by going to place inside which is simply who we really are. Though there is a place inside that is never broken... and it just is... (and perfect)

and oh so perfectly is connecting the dots...And we get glimpses of it ... and we get to keep meeting ourselves on even better terms... and we remain new and so do all of our interactions with people, places and things-experiences




I am feeling very thankful for the habits that I am developing and manifesting in my life.

I am deeply thankful for the unlimited possibilities that lie before me, and the clarity that illuminates my path


I am grateful for the health and vitality that is coursing throughout my entire body

I am grateful that I am always free to choose my response to the world around me.


I am thankful for all of the good that is being continuously offered to me

Today, in this moment, I have everything I need.

 I am grateful that I easily surround myself with many kinds of people with their own kind of  gentle, loving, kind and creativity.




 My self esteem is high because I honor who I am.








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part 2 allowing a path

Connecting The Dots

Nurturing Your Soul

 The Reflection

 Allowing Creating & Enjoying Brand New Moments

Joy of (Being Your Own) 'Better'

Listen To Your Heart-Quotes/Videos2 minutes ago

Stepping Back Well




I didn't feel like I was hiding... I feel as though I emerged.

 I like where this is going... that is what I know of my now



 I efficiently transition into each new activity, fully knowing and trusting that my consciousness will adapt, overcome, and enjoy each present circumstance.




ENJOY Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU(:

  • feel free to join me... (:


    ~Anyone else enjoying the journey in ways that feel like a better-new?

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ENJOY Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU(:

What a beautiful and inspiring message. Love it!!!!

Image result for animated joy on the journey quotes

Image result for animated joy on the journey quotes

If ya don,t get everything ya want think of the things ya don,t get that you don,t want.

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ENJOY Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU(:

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