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★★Appreciating Blessings


12:07AM 9-13-17

I appreciate laughter

I appreciate people

I appreciate my home and all that makes it a home 

I appreciate being tired because I can rest easy 




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09:31AM 9-15-17

will appreciate a day interacting and serving at place of work

appreciate feelings

good teachings/lessons/ideas that have been surfacing

appreciating connection with my spirit, with love of others, and life 

12:08PM 12-14-17

enjoying how things are coming together.

seemed like such a busy month- though it isn't overwhelming me.

I am appreciating 'all' I have learned to give myself a good life

I love how I've opened up to my hubby even more about needing more help with things I normally do for myself and 'our lil' family unit' . It has freed me up incredibly to capitalize on my strong areas that can assist us in bigger ways. This had such a fantastic benefit... because it allowed my husband to create in areas that I mostly did.... giving newness and lots of love.

And we are both showing up individually and as a team in ways so fitting to where we say we want to go... I am happy.

11:20AM 12-15-17

I appreciated and enjoyed immensely creating a 2018 thread. It will allow me to better focus on what my heart loves and share ... 

I appreciated how creating what I love about what I love ... brings more appreciation of my spirit to the surface(:


I fully appreciate how I am appreciating all that I am grateful for(:

I appreciate the kindness of others.

I appreciate how its  absolutely always a gift to be kind to others!

I appreciate how I allow myself the gift of being kind.

I appreciate looking forward to today to experience the gift of another day with all the joy I always allow myself to see.

I appreciate my very kind hubby... who has always allowed me to just-be me. That is a gift. It gives me another constant reminder that being myself-is enough.


I appreciate how easy it was to get ready for work today... because I was simply feeling ... good.




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Start a thread! Post something /you love!
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