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Please join me in a circle of prayer for Florida.  I need your faith to strengthen my faith, and lets be stronger together, as we come together and pray for everyone who is facing Hurricane Irma.

If you are with me in prayer for Florida, let me know! And, I will give thanks for your prayers, and I will pray for your joy and your health, and for all those that you hold dear.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to all people whose lives are being touched by hurricane Irma and hurricane Harvey that hit Houston.

Praying for all of the goodness that is coming out of everyone, as we all reach out and help one another, all over the world.

Blessings to All!!

And, blessings to All of our Bmindful community!!

My positive thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are facing the storms currently hitting the united states. Be safe.





Continued prayer for all...







I saw this & really liked it-hope it is ok to post here15548cab1e6b72992aa405859c93da36--gods-will-gods-love.jpg

A member shared their concern about everyone having been affected by Irma, and that moment I was feeling really selfish in a bad way... 

Though once my own place of being had a moment to decompress and feel the blessings we experienced

and continue to experience....

being in a better place to be there for others returns.

Thank you God for the desire and capability of loving others.

May my desire be fueled and directed by Your Guidance.



Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like. Ethan Walker



Praying for safety and protection for all.

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers!  It is beautiful, to see our goodness, because we all have so much incredible goodness, and its waiting for an opportunity to come out, and serve one another in their time of need.

Thank you all, and over the next several days, I will continue to lift you all up in prayer, and I will be praying each one of these prayer warriors, who prayed for the welfare of others.

I pray for a flood of miracles, for the flood of water.

I pray for comfort, for rest, and for restoration for all who are displaced.

Where there is life, we can always start again!


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Please, pray for all the animals!

Dear God, please, send all of the animals in need, immediate, emergent and miraculous help. All of them, Lord. 

Today, may we walk in beauty. As the wind blows all around us, and as incredibly fine Goodwill flows like a powerful waterfall that roars, as all waters are one water, we are all ultimately one people. 

One people loving one another and making this day very valuable!

Prayers are powerful medium! 

I am grateful for the momentum and the surge of JOY that I am getting from these prayers!

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