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--★★ Spiritual Wellness|Soul Food Series 12th Edition

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Your feelings, temperament and disposition  are a major indication of your "Spiritual Wellness".  When your thoughts, values and actions come together  like stars or planets high in the sky in perfect alignment, a state of harmony is achieved, fostering a sense of overall well being. Your spirit is in an optimum state.  Life itself is perceived as  an extraordinary  gift.  

The dawn of a new day is greeted with joyful anticipation.



Image result for sun and spiritual wellness picExcitedly you embark on a once in a life time adventure  to experience, enjoy and savor the new day, a day that has never been seen before. Your joy is undeniable, you  exude  confidence,  enthusiasm, satisfaction and contentment in knowing you are inexplicitly one with the Universe.  Recognizing  you are  pure energy, projecting, vibrating, living, experiencing, being all that is "You".  You find sheer delight and appreciation for this marvelous journey.  Attracting amazing opportunities, unexpected meetings, events that magically seem to manifest, seamlessly fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle creating something magically  beautiful,  the very best you. Identifying, recognizing and knowing your purpose is joyfully fulfilling. Increased awareness enables you to is freely explore/develop your creativity to artfully use your  gifts and talents in a  magnificent way as you journey to  the very center of you.









Spiritual Wellness is a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. While different individuals may have different views of what ...






Mind Soothing.Spiritual Motivation Video To Listen
Kindly take a moment to view video belowlaughing



There is a profound sense of acceptance with knowing  you are a part of the flow of life that comprises the Universe. A sense of peace and feeling of serenity is achieved with recognizing you are exactly where you should be in this divine moment in time.  Through acceptance your appreciation of life is intensified as you   experience complete fulfillment and unbridled joy. 



Open this link for a wonderful piece:What is Spiritual Wellness? Spiritual wellness plays a bigger role in your life than you may think. It refers to an understanding of your true nature – who you are ..
This meditation nurtures spiritual health by offering a healthy bite of pure thoughts and and exercise to increase soul power and concentration. Brought to you by ...



It is hard to put it into words the absolute joy that is felt as you become more in tune with your true purpose.

Nancee53, I always look forward to the threads you create for the  Bmindful Series . They are valuable inspiration and reinforcement. You have a way of sharing your joy and information where I feel that I'm not reading... I'm simply experiencing something perfect for my spirit  to add to my day. Thank you for being you and sharing as you do! Actually, thank you for spreading the heart-provoking quotes all around our community

and somehow responding to ALL

-which is the major beautiful essence in a Bmindful Community Series!


much love my friend, AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities

The applications of gratitude and blessing are virtually unlimited, can be used by anyone, require no waiting periods or large capital investments, transcend ideological differences, and are wonderfully contagious.

While reading your wonderful material/links on the definition  of Spiritual Wellness - I found another article I loved/needed for me too.

HEALTHY MIND PLATTER Seven daily essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and create well-being


It essentially discusses balance. 

Here is part 

“mental nutrients” that your brain and relationships need to function at their best. By engaging every day in each of these servings, you promote integration in your life and enable your brain to coordinate and balance its activities. These essential mental activities strengthen your brain's internal connections and your connections with other people and the world around you.

We're not suggesting specific amounts of time for this recipe for a healthy mind, as each individual is different, and our needs change over time too. The point is to become aware of the full spectrum of essential mental activities, and as with essential nutrients, make sure that at least every day we are bringing the right ingredients into our mental diet, even if for just a bit of time. Just as you wouldn't eat only pizza every day for days on end, we shouldn't just live on focus time alone with little time for sleep. The key is balancing the day with each of these essential mental activities. Mental wellness is all about reinforcing our connections with others and the world around us; and it is also about strengthening the connections within the brain itself.  When we vary the focus of attention with this spectrum of mental activities, we give the brain lots of opportunities to develop in different ways.

Balance, to me relates to Spiritual Wellness. Sometimes...I can be involved in several activities...feeling great..I'm thinking/feeling... though really needing to step back and just step back (:

I love your thread. It created more of a  centering... on the area I love to be centered with.laughing


The applications of gratitude and blessing are virtually unlimited, can be used by anyone, require no waiting periods or large capital investments, transcend ideological differences, and are wonderfully contagious.











What’s in a name anyway















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