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★The List

Tonight before you go to sleep write a list of 5 most important things that you are grateful for – these things may be people, they may be objects, they may even be animals. Your list can contain anything from the clothes on your skin to the food on your table – be as creative and imaginative as you can.

Keep this list by your bedside and every night before you go to sleep, read it and if you can, start your day by reading it also. It is so important for us to never take for granted what we were once thankful for.

Comment below if you are prepared to do this, even if you only trial it for a few days, a week, a month – at least try. Starting and ending your day with only feelings of love and happiness will have a huge impact on you and those around you. Encourage others – your family, friends, work colleagues to the same and inspire those around you ♥

yes I will definatly join in doing this
love flowergirl

Sounds like an amazing exercises. Will try to do this as long as possible.

sounds like a good idea(:

Once you get to know Twain, you’ll never be the same.

Good luck everyone :)

Make sure you post your success

Sounds wonderful, will do!

Good idea.

serenity cake, not to be confused with serenity half baked.

A list before bedtime is a perfect idea!

My definition of greatness is to be greater than your environment, to be greater than your body, and to be greater than time. And if you do, you will be great. I mean, that’s it!” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

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