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★Newest in February 2023★ Save & Share -5 -10 Video Links @ a Time

We all have come to enjoy youtube & love 
saving & sharing what we enjoy ( :

In one post area at a time

leave 5 -10 links & titles

of things you would



save & share. 

Enjoy & Prosper⭐️


Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

Day 1 post 1  (5-10 videos)

5 -10 videos in process



For Health 

video 1 100 + Healing Affirmations


  Letting Go / Moving Forward/ Grief

Video 2. Affirmations for Letting Go (with Relaxing Nature Sounds)

another good letting go audio is by Sarah Dreseer / posted as 10 too

Mental Clarity, Decluttering, Focus

Cognitive Enhancement 


Video 3.   Affirmations  for MentalClarity & Relaxing Nature Sounds )

Video 4. How To Create An Action Plan -Brian Tracy

Video 5 Cognitive Binaural enhancement

Organizing Paper



Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv

 Video 6.    -AlejandraTV How to Organize Office Orgainzation Files (Part 1of 9 Home Office Organization Series  




video 7.   Affirmations For Positive Thinking & Success Unlock Your Life -Sarah Dresser - clinical hypnotherapist

BHC_4a.gifVideo 8 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=maTTJf7rXtI&list=PLqktjn8c06SwVThqADuLpMuMlOxW9-ktE&index=4 

Video 9 Grief Meditation Jason Stephenson 


10)Bedtime Affirmations- Closing Off the Day

bedtime affirmations


Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

Lots of interesting videos on this channel


Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

In response to Mr Brightside's post:

thanks for creating a post with more wonderful things to check out.

Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’


I am naturally motivated and energized

 I am full of optimism

I have inner peace

I am care free

I am comfortable with myself

I am a confident person

I am a positive thinker

I always find the positive in everything

I feel great about myself and my life

I laugh at myself and this makes my life so much easier


Affirmations used:

1. I choose the reality I wish to create

2. I am ready to begin a new day

3. I am at peace with my mind and body

4. My mind is quiet, calm and content

5. I have all that I need and more.

6. Today I move through life with confidence

7. I honour my deepest needs

8. My heart is open and at peace

9. I trust the flow of life

10. I inhale love and exhale fear

11. I free myself of limiting beliefs

12. I approach adversity with a calm sense of courage

13. I am in control of my reactions to life

14. I support the well-being of my mind, body and soul

15. I release emotions that don't serve me

16. I am committed to a peaceful and joyous life

17. I surrender into today with ease

18. There is nothing I need beyond this moment.

19. I am grateful for my life and for each breath

20. I love myself unconditionally

21. I replace self-judgment with self-compassion

22. I let go with ease

23. I trust that I will be taken care of

24. This moment is enough

25. I seek nothing, for I have what I need within me

26. I am grounded and centered

27. I am confident in who I am

28. I know when to act and when to rest

29. I ease my body by quietening my mind

30. I know that I am supported by the universe

31. I choose to think positive thoughts

32. I empower myself through wise thinking

33. I trust my body's ability to heal and to repair

34. My entire being is at ease

35. I breathe deep to harness inner peace

36. I feel energized yet calm.

37. There is nowhere I need to be but here.

38. I am learning and growing every day

39. I am intimately connected to the earth

40. I am loved and supported

41. I give and receive in equal measure

42. My body and mind are in harmony

43. I am not defined by my thoughts

44. I inhale peace and exhale tension


My life works beautifully

4. Evening Gratitude Positive Affirmations | A Prayer Of Appreciation For Life | Let Your Light Shine!







Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’



Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

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