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I am a jewelry designer dedicated to transforming my life through daily mindful living. My current focus is to allow the abundance and wellbeing into my life that is everyone’s to experience.

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Transformation is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Hi,I love you’re outlook on life,I also am into making jewelry,as well as wirewrapped trees,and my son is teaching me how to blow glass.I’m wishing you a happy day.I hope all you’re dreams come true. Dawn

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59 posts

You have alot of beautiful jewelry.I don’t have a website with my stuff yet.I have some stuff in a little craft shop,and my son mostly sells at local festivals.Hope to have a website soon.Summer is such a busy time for us,what with the farm,and I have puppies right now.Plus I’m very sensitive to electricity,and radio waves,so my time on the computer is limited.I will let you know when we get setup. I think it is so important for our happiness to find what each of us is good at and do it the best we know how.I really enjoy making beautiful works of art,not only for myself,but to make others happy also.But to tell you the truth,I’m just amazed when someone tells me that they like my stuff.It made me feel so good when my husband was showing off my first tree that I made.I’m getting better at showing people my stuff,although it is still easier for me to have my son do the selling.That is one of the things about me that I’m trying to improve,is my self confidence,I’m also a shy person,so being here at Bmindful is one of the tools I’m using to improve myself.I love being able to meet other positive likeminded persons.So many people are so very negative,I enjoy being able to talk to such positive folks. Have a great day! Dawn

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Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for sharing - it’s wonderful to hear how/what you are doing to move yourself forward and continue to create the life of your dreams! :-) I know what you mean about people liking/appreciating your work - when I makes sales on the web I am always delighted and surprised - it’s wonderful and amazing to me that people all over the world and the country find me and like my jewelry enough to purchase a piece - I think it will always be such a huge compliment. :-)

I hope you are enjoying the summer - being on a farm sounds wonderful - and with puppies! :-) It sounds fantastic.

Enjoy! Payson

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