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I am the Chairman of Neil Charitable Trust, Bombay, India. 1) The basic aims of the Trust are as follows:- - To create awareness and educate Children studying in municipal schools about the hazards of smoking and the chewing of tobacco, in all forms. These kids hail from the poorer sections of society, and whose parents are major tobacco addicts. - With the assistance of school children, via morchas and other forms of protest, to bring to the notice of the Central Government/State Government that: a) ‘ghutka’ is still being sold inspite of the ban. b) Smuggled Cigarettes without statutory warning and mandated markings are sold openly. c) To actively provide entertainment to cancer-affected children. Every weekend groups of cancer-afflicted children are taken to places of public interest, like film shootings etc. Special arrangements are made to ensure that these children have an enjoyable time when they are taken out, including provision of meals. d) To bear the radiation treatment of poor cancer-afflicted patients, children as well as adults, who come to Nair Hospital, Mumbai. 2) Works done:- - Held numerous protests including against the following:- a) Smoking in Public Places and Government Offices. b) Selling tobacco to minors. c) Selling of smuggled cigarettes without Statutory Warning and mandatory declaration under the Standards of Weights and Measures. d) Cigarette advertising and product placement in films (invited for a Workshop by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting). e) Illegal advertising of Low Tobacco cigarettes. f) Illegal advertising g of Four Square cigarettes in the Outlook magazine. g) Illegal advertising of gold flake greeting cards. h) Illegal advertising of Marlbro cigarettes in Stardust (conviction obtained by FDA because of Petitioner’s efforts). i) Illegal advertising and Consumer Gift Scheme by Panama and Red and White cigarettes. j) Illegal packets of Marlboro cigarettes with human models. k) Protest against Vending Machines used for sale of cigarettes. l) Complaints and protest against smoking lounges built by cigarette companies.

4.Crusade Against Tobacco – a branch of the Neil Charitable Trust was launched in 2002. It was the recipient of the World Health Organisation Award given in recognition of its outstanding contribution to tobacco control May 31, 2003.

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What a wonderful purpose in life to have. I am certain that some of these children that you pluck from the jaws of death will survive to do great things in life.

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What a wonderful journey you are taking in you’re life.To be able to make a difference in so many peoples lives must be very rewarding.I’m always telling people the benefits of not smoking,eating healthy,and being chemical free.I feel if you truly want to be healthy,you need all three aspects in your life.My family and I were all smokers,as were our parents.But we are all smoke free now,thanks to hypnotherapy.Love and Peace to you.DAwn

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Vincent you are doing a great job with your website discouraging people from smoking. I congratulate you with all your efforts to make a difference in our children’s lives. Love to you!

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Vincent, Your advice and knowledge is wonderful! Keep up the great work you are doing. I’ve tried so hard to quit smoking and did so for 11 months. Thinking of children and grandchildren helps tremendously. Thank you! Best of the best, Shauna

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Keep up the good work Vincent!

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