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For the last 2 years I have been trying to be positive about everything in my life.I have applied for jobs that I know I am qualified for and can not seem to get hired. I am almost finished with a four year degree. Also I am very unhappy with my current position. I work three positions just to make the income of one.

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Hi Gina :)

“Do or do not, there is no try”… Yoda :)

Stop trying and just be positive :) Even if you think you are pretending… magic happens after you believe you are worth it.


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Freya, Thank you for the advise, I am starting to write my affirmations down. IS there any other way besides buying the software. I am pretty good on the computer but can not pay the price for this software.

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Hi Gina,

I’m Maria from Australia. I’m new to this community and am introducing myself to members one by one and so thought I’d send you a quick message to say ‘hi’. I love reading all the affirmations on this site and adding them to my profile.

Please feel free to post a message on my profile anytime. It sounds like you’re not very happy with where you’re at in terms of your career and income. If you’re serious about changing that, then visit my website (just click on the link in my profile). I work with a company in the personal development industry and I show people a very simple system to achieve their income goals. If you know you deserve better then this opportunity could be the one for you.

Have an awesome weekend!


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