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“I listen to my body and it tells me the types of food it needs”

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For me there’s a very simple rule for healthy eating; if it’s man-made ie not made by you, don’t eat it.

An old pal of mine suffered terribly with skin problems and no matter what diet he tried the skin problems persisted. One day he decided to only eat what he fancied. This was based on intuition which I kinda like. If you don’t like the taste of something, it’s your body telling you not to eat it!! I love some foods very much but not all the time; why is that? The food generally stays the same but it would seem that our tastes do not. So why not try listening a little harder to what we want to eat and drink?

He quit man-made stuff because he didn’t know what he was eating, so how could he be making an informed decision? Besides, if man’s got involved it’s because there’s a buck in it and if there’s a buck in it, it attracts all types of oportunists and and and you know where this is going.

The results were amazing! I don’t know if any of it was psychosimatic but hay if it works. It wasn’t perfect but a great improvement and an even greater relief from the constant itching. A specialist suggested separating his starch and protine by four hours and the cure was complete. Listening to yourself is obviously a lot to do with being yourself and as per my last sermon; If you are true to yourself, you are already rich.

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