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★ Newest in March 2023★ Calm&Productive/ 20 Intentions a day, ok?

Calm & Productively 

choose 20 intentions a day 

let’s do this every day🥳


Day 1

 Productivity Intentions -Amazing Day!


Today I am going to give in to the temptation to succeed.


Let's use this thread to keep life simple, yet get things really done(:

intentions-Allowing Fresh New Flow Of Follow Thru

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.”d8461736be08ae72556d7637b996be95--work-quotes-motivation-quotes.jpg

Today I...

Please share 20intentions to keep on gifting

yourself with all you value the most

for what you are feeling the most about-wanting done!

Looking forward to...

I AM peaceful, hopeful, loving and glad.


see this-MINDFUL PLANNING /GRATITUDE AFFIRMATIONS) from parallelbranding.com



Thursday morn Affirmations

I am enjoying how supportive I am of myself on my beautiful journey.

☑ I live a healthy lifestyle.

I am so awesomely focused and magnificently personally productive.

Beneficial ideas and solutions are now revealed to me from my imagination. I now discover beneficial ideas and solutions from my imagination.

My inner vision is always clear and focused.

The riches of the universe come to me effortlessly

I am highly motivated!!

☑ I now inspire and expand my imagination with enthusiasm.

☑ I am able to challenge my comfort zone in order to accomplish change.

☑ I focus my power. I change my life.




Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’


Today I...

I begin what once felt complicated ...to receive complete simplicity!images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTqIWjfkVdW--dxcKeNmzKzWcV8LfdxzKhlepd-HFjKkOQRExCXCwQu'est-ce-que la Véritable Liberté pour moi? Qu'est-elle pour Vous? - MassiveActionMassiveResults


  • It doesn't take that long to do



    And some things are large blocks of time 

  • though...

they ALWAYS get done -

because that’s what pleases me






Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

20 intentions for Thursday 


Before noon

  1. I intend to start my morning with two glasses of room temperature water complimented by a squeeze of lemon. 
  2. I intend to eat a breakfast I enjoy, one that sustains me for the day and one that pleases my nutritional needs.
  3. I intend to gather all of my throw away items  I have collected to discard for today 
  4. I intend to gather all of my laundry for a wonderful day of clean outfits
  5. I intend to create a list of items for my purchase today that fit my bill in the most strategically created ideal ways 
  6. Today I intend to locate notes for a call that I have wanted to make for some time
  7. Today I take  zippered bags and utilize them as I planned
  8. Today I choose peace, joy & comfort as my companions.
  9. Today I choose what to cook for dinner.
  10. Today I text those who are desiring to hear a word from me and that I have mutually desired the same thing ✅ 
  11. Today I gather everything I need before leaving my home systematically and like a joyful game.
  12. Today I choose to love what I think, what I feel and how I carry out my activities

After noon

12. I intend to text a friend / waiting on my response 

13. I intend to have an enjoyable lunch 

14. I intend to prepare my clothing for the activities I will be involved with

15. I intend to hold off on paperwork and figuring kind of work until I return 

16. I intend to go to the 2 places I have scheduled

17. I intend to check in with my inner child, because her feelings are so

important to me

Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

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