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November’22★★Newest★★ Affirmations & Rewiring &Lessons

Hello Bmindfu!! 
We are growing well every day & we all have our tools that help us prosper. 
Yup, you are in a positive affirmation community , so I feel it’s safe to say most everyone here are utilizing affirmations (:

This thread is geared to melding your lessons with your affirmations 

Enjoy & Prosper


I Am living a Divine plan

  • I AM 

that which  I appreciate

filled with complete spiritual supportive


always always

giving me safety and security.

I only know calm thinking
I AM rewired for the best outcome → I AM  that which is Positive energy

→ I AM the mind with pleasant, uplifting and empowering thoughts

→ I AM Co-creation… My mind body and spirit knows what it wants and I allow my

answered prayer to be my everyday experience 

I am fully expressed in the most ideal ways

I AM Fully connected with the Creator

My Higher Power nourishes me spiritually, emotionally , mentally and physically


I require on the most


ideal level.

I Am living a Divine plan

I drink water for more than quenching my thirst because water is always giving me gifts beyond thirst.

I eat food to enjoy and thrive and the food I choose consists of a rainbow of colors and


I love being healthy
I love helping my body feel great .

I make a plan that helps me love being organized , desire to continue being organized, to spend wisely to save money, and always always choose my healthiest most desirable options




I Am living a Divine plan

My affirmation discipline has rewired my timeline of completion for my goals, in that I have allowed myself to know see myself as ahead of schedule.

I Am living a Divine plan

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