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Fourty-seven year old woman born under the sign of Leo with Cancer rising and my moon in Sagittarius. Never been married, no kids. Recently started a women’s overeaters support group in the Springfield area. Board member of the Oneness Center. Lover of books, used book stores, book fairs, independent and foreign films. A bit of a loner and Highly Sensitive Person, with a sharp, witty, sarcastic, dark and twisted sense of humor, introspective, reflective and perceptive. Work as an office manager for a local drug and alcohol treatment center, also part time at a park gift shop. The biggest affirmations I am currently working on are for wealth, abundance, prosperity, meaningful employment, healing past hurts, forgiveness, and love of self. Other interests include the paranormal, U.F.O.’s, conspiracy therories, hugely interested in the occult and metaphysics.

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Hi Hermitess! I liked your Twain quotation and that led me to read your profile. Having read your self description, I feel we have a few things in common and you sound like a fun person to know. I have been doing positive affirmations for almost a year and feel that my life is happier now. This site is helpful, interesting and affirming!:)

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Hello =)

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Live well!

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