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in the midst of updating the profile page - though you’re always welcome. Thanks for visiting (: (I do my affirming-thinking on my profile page… .

Some of my favorites for creating:


——- - - ★  →   I Am strong,gentle and capable.

——- - - ★  →   I Am so doing it right! Whatever it is, yay me!

      • ★I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life…and then some

★My life is organized as I enjoy, and my mind is clear and focused.

      • ★My mind creates an image of my body that is always vital, healthy, beautiful and strong.

★I can create any routine I like, one cognitive brain thought and heart feeling at a time…

      • ★The key to success is playing the hand your dealt as if its the winning hand
      • ★I Am inviting my amazing life, and it keeps showing up!!
      • ★I Am inviting an amazing life and here it is now!

★My requests are reasonable; the universe has begun implementation

      • Ideal Day/Ideal Life/Ideal Surroundings
      • ★I feel more alert, more refreshed, more calm, complete, focused, strong and healthy.

      • ★Refreshing appreciation -it permeates my world.

      • ★I create a space in my spirit for knowing I will receive what I need for the serenity I desire

      • ★My decisions and actions are influenced by my positive belief in my abilities and the Power of Love from my Creator.

★I fuel my desires with unlimited belief, and accept that they are already manifesting for me.

★I accept with joy and pleasure and gratitude all the good that Life offers me. ★I create my surroundings w/peaceful, inspiring & personally appealing delight

      • ★My good-stuff continues even when I do things in a funny order


I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life …and then some.

      • ★Every cell in my body vibrates with healthy rested enjoyable focused delightful energy
      • ★I create a state of mind which compels me to unconsciously create my self-talk and action in line with my highest-good values.

      • ★My mind feels love

      • ★I Am capable, lovable, and destined for success.
      • ★I take positive personal ACTion to REALize my own blessed dreams and desires

      • profile page stops here(: updating it presently

      • ★I respect,admire how I live with my heart and spirit; I engage with love and I Am.

      • ★The freedom of this moment is that of breathing oh so deeply and freely.
      • ★Vocabulary which resonates with my spirit and experience…surfacing in ways that can only be described as nurturing my Self & being nurtured by that which Is Greater. Thank YOU God
      • ★I now choose and use my thoughts, words and intentions wisely because they shape my life.
      • ★I use my time wisely I am productive and I get things done
      • ★I am now easily and effortlessly attracting unlimited financial prosperity and abundance into every aspect of my life
      • ★My own well-being is my proud and joyous responsibility
      • ★My feeling that life is fun is up to me, too (:

      • ★ →   I am open to the spirit of life, which carries me beyond my original limits to a higher, more creative space.
      • ★  →   I Am at peace and comfortable in every area of my life.
      • ★  →   I hear harmony, melody, beauty, softness, power.
      • ★  →   I create clarity of mind and unlimited vision for myself.
      • ★  →   Goodness and joy are mine in all situations.
      • ★  →   I clearly see joy in my surroundings.
      • ★  →   I only co-create peaceful experiences because I love myself. All is well.
      • ★  →   I Am loving how I am recognizing my perfect blessings
      • ★  →   I am the cool, calm expression of peace and love

I believe in myself today. Even now, I am free of cares as I once referred to them I thrive on the simple, authentic validation that can only come from myself..


Even now, I am free of cares as I once referred to them

      • ★It has been said: inspired action moves us to complete the act of creation
      • ★I choose to do the things that I know will improve my life.
      • ★I can easily look back on this day as a day that I enjoyed and completed my most important tasks
      • ★My grateful heart recharges my soul and revitalizes my body.
      • ★I am nurtured and fulfilled, content and blessed …the details of our days do make a difference in our lives…no experience is ever just for drill…everything can be a springboard for inspiration if we are willing to be open to the goodness of life. Sarah Ban Breathnach

Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it! Ram Daas

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