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Hi. My name is Gabriela, and I was introduced to positive affirmations a couple of years ago by a friend who brought me the book “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay (great book!). I work in Admin, and am generally cautious by nature. I wouldn’t call myself overly religous, perhaps spiritual would be a more accurate description. I am relatively new to the bmindful site, and am looking forward to chatting with other bmindful users.

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Guby73 has not selected any affirmations yet!

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Hi Guby and thanks for the comment from Down Under. Hope all is well with you. I happened across this site while cheating in creating affirmations for a 2009 journal I purchased “The Sacred Journey.” I’m a searching spiritual person, a joyful Christian who isn’t reinforced enough in my Catholic conversion but also with Zen/Buddist & some earth-worshipping/Pagan undertones. Welcome and nice to have you here!

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Hi Gabriela~ I absolutely LOVE your name! It is so beautiful.

Thank you for commenting on my profile. I am a big fan of Louise Hay. I affectionately call her my grandma because she is such a wonderful matronly figure to have around.

I have experimented with lots of different organized religions, but came to terms relatively recently that it isn’t for me. I am a spiritual person who follows my own intuition and enjoys all that God/Universe/Higher Power (whatever label is your preference) has provided for me. It is easy to understand where you come from.

Look forward to chatting soon. MM

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Hi Gabriela, Thanks for your kind words. I sent you a bmindful-email(: Hope you’re having a great day(:

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Just dropping by to say hello. So here it goes, HELLO Gabriella!

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