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These are great. I snagged ‘em all. Or is scarfed the proper term?

Thoughts can be changed! One of mine is “Feelings are not emergencies”.

And reaching out to help others just a smidge is a goal of mine.

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I read Feel the fear and do it any way years ago, I was in Real Estate in NZ at the time. The whole office ended up reading it and all found it easy to relate to. Great Book.

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I hear Louise Hay and Susan Jeffers in your affirmations. I love these women and their contribution to the a more positive, loving world. Did they, by any chance, influence your affirmations? I enjoyed reading your affirmations.

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Meditatingmama, they absolutely influence my affirmations, particularly Susan Jeffers. Her approach is practical, effective and extremely spiritual. It really fits me. thanks for posting the comment.

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