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Hello I am a 50 year old wife, mother and grandmother. I have had severe panic condition now for about 5 years off and on. I have learned alot of my symptoms arise from the messages I give my body and mind with my way of thinking. I pray that I will be guided to positive affirmations with this website.

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annetter has not selected any affirmations yet!

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Hi anneter, I am new to the site too, so perhaps we can become friends and work on this together. Feel free to contact me at any time. I joined the site in order to have more positive thoughts and surround myself with positive people too. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day.

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Hi Lee, thanks for the reply. Being friends sounds good to me also. I am 52 years old and have battled “Panic Attacks” now for 5 years off and on. Mine had got to a severe stage where I was in the most part disabled. I am finding that I can manage mine with positive surroundings and positive thinking. I am a member of the Midwest Center, and it has been a blessing to me. They have a website at and have a wonderful online forum and chat. Please stay in contact with me. And have a blessed day.

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