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November 24, 2022

dedicating to the well-being

of all

“When love and compassion fills your heart, you find newness

in every moment, and life becomes a celebration.”

~ Mata Amritanandamayi

- - -



To all who have gone thru loss -or any difficulty - be easy with yourself. Sending love & peace——to us all💗


And let us remember the glorious beauty and grace a special friend Nancee53 shared with us as individuals and to the site as a whole. Her love is a gift that will keep on giving …Forever and a day! ! ——

            • ✉ Wow -sorry-haven’t been updating this page too much lately.


♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥ ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥

THANK YOU Mr. Brightside and Serenity for Keeping Bmindful Alive & Kicking!! ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥

✉update coming soon (update still being created)

ⓂⓊⒸⒽ Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ Allowing♡˚, aka selfcare(:


My current affirmation focus: (still creating/arranging)

I habitually honor and respect my personal needs. I value my life and choose to create everything that says I am living beautifully

I clear anything from my soul that is unlike peace and lightheartedness

I love others, though I know my foundation for living well & being fulfilled is a very high priority.

I am beyond grateful for the loving supportive people I have known and are still in my world. Thank You forever.

I love how I am enjoying clearing out what is unnecessary for my spirit and for workability in a good life.

I love how I allow and participate with what is working well, and clear big and small that doesn’t serve me I clear things up very well.

I curl up with a good



prayer and can feel my surrender

and its blessings

Chosen Affirmations for my Good Morning :

A wonderful healing of whatever is needed/preferred   happens each time I rest, relax and enjoy myself.

I follow my heart’s desire for truth and goodness and love My spirit enjoys the feelings of blissfully standing back and enjoying this God Given Universe

  My body responds to thoughts of pure love and goodness.

  I choose the  life which encompasses peace that surpasses all understanding. 
I anchor my heart in truth, love and my God’s grace

  I allow focus on what is excellent, good and praiseworthy.

    Everything works together for good. I greet this new day with a song of happiness and hope in my heart. I thank my most loving God for the freedom to determine my life and my victories. My passion is the key to my abundance. Everything in my life has brought me to this moment, and it is perfect

. • ~  Your life is maintained by  Perfect energy.

 I Am an ingenious co-creator of my own energy and energy level.

I Am consciously and consistently experiencing being Spirit -centered and wonderfully refreshed whenever desired.

My actions are not independent of my energy, they are a Divine manifestation of it.

My abstract thinking is allowing my new and existing ideas to form powerful combinations.

My mind is responding to Good cues.

  I trust the process of life to bring only good to me. I am a soul and therefore I am safe.

✧ And it is so. Thank you Thank You Thank You

that ought a do it(: Now GOOD morning (:

→   My daily reliable routines add a sense of peace, structure and ease to my life.

→ I am completely grateful and appreciative for this powerful moment of time. Each moment is my powerful moment of time.

“Clarity” “I am centered and calm. Information flows to me.”

“I understand what is needed. I know what I need to do.” “My focus is clear. My attention flows to one thing at a time.” “I take joy in doing one thing at a time.” “Focus” “This task is easy.”


Time is my best friend; we are the dynamic duo.

It is okay to know what I know, to have learned what I have learned to feel what I feel and feel I have gained Good wisdom… along the way.

I am a capable person.

I am a determined person and I persevere and support myself lovingly.

☑→ →     Today …With the energy of ease and peaceful Divine trust, I live the life I love fearlessly…the best life I envision or something magnificently better!

I know I have everything I need to succeed. I know I will be ok, no matter what. I know I will be ok

I choose to love myself totally and completely. I choose to be happy for myself; and for others. I choose to be calm and positive. I choose to make this eve a great eve (morning, afternoon)

I choose to enjoy my life.

→ Today … I AM inner peace. Inner peace is wherever I AM.

Inner peace is wherever I am

I AM relieved stress

I set my pace and I accomplish tasks and goals.

I am increasing all of my chances of success.

I know who I really am.

My strengths strengthen any and all of my perceived and unrecognized weaknesses. I am always discovering my talents and love all I gather about me.

I AM relaxed.

I am feeling good. I am feeling wonderful.

I am relaxed and I have lots of time. Time is only relative to what I want it to be. There is lots of time. I feel so relaxed and at peace with myself. Time is slowing down.

I have plenty of time. Every moment in time I AM improvement with everything I desire, and feel value with.

I am relaxed and taking my time. I AM ease I am feeling good and experiencing ease and flow of life I have all the time that I need to accomplish my tasks, my routines, my goals I am completing all things ahead of time lines

I easily measure my progress as compared to all stages of my experiences and life.

I appreciate where I have been and where I am allowing myself to now go.

I love and appreciate who I am and my beautiful places of new empowered feelings.

I have an awesome sense of humor


I laugh every day.


I laugh more than the most easy going times of my life.


I am easy going and I am more lighthearted daily.


I have a very wonderful habit of dwelling in the good stuff.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ I Am delightful! Unique quality about this brand new day…I keep getting everything I want accomplished. Everything! I am strong, courageous, content, and thoroughly optimistic and fun I gratefully replenish my mind, body, and soul The dynamic potential within me manifests as all vital needs are met! Simply breathing is the easiest way for me to live and to nourish the sacred in me! I have the ability to simplify and eliminate the unnecessary My life is filled with love, joy, happiness and amazing experiences. I acknowledge love as the fundamental energy of life. Divine Intelligence gives me all the ideas I can use I live in a loving, abundant, harmonious universe created by G_d who always beautifully and perfectly exceeds my understanding I am grateful. Joy is the real fabric of my being I Am confident, caring and capable. I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completeness Everything cooperates with me because I Am cooperating with me. It is my being truly in the now which brings all of my optimum moments

My life works beautifully

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