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      • ★1 ✉ LAST PARTIAL UPDATE added June…2020 soon to be further updated!!!
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Hello Community!

You guys already know how much I love you, and how much I care about you.

I’m sure you’ve seen the annoying bots on the site. I tend to continue to enjoy the site regardless, like many of you do.

Though, let’s take added steps like we do in the these new times, and protect ourselves…

Change your passwords regularly and never open any links that offer you anything… except an awesome youtube video that you can see is youtube(: Or maybe  articles… that we as members can  verify…

Thanks! If you have any comments or questions-please send a message.

Lets not give these annoying brainless bots and their genius-owner’s the satisfaction of anything!

      • ★4 ✉ We Don’t Ignore New Members-Though We Do Ignore The Spam-
      • ✉Please Ignore The Page that says:Say Hello To Our Newest-Members ✉Please Ignore!——We will welcome members in the comment section.
      • ✉Once you see a welcome from awesome Bmindful Poppy or myself, feel free to comment on member’s page.——
    • -If you are a legitimate member and you have been deleted accidentally -please rejoin and accept our apologies. One member I am reaching out to is Spiritual Wonder. There were ‘tons’ of deletes and your profile was accidentally deleted. Waiting to hear back from you now!

      • ★3 ✉ ✉ PLEASE CHECK FOR PERSONAL MESSAGES (: Bmindful members not accustomed to messaging… may not see them. Look to the right of your screen beneath your alias-name. If you have issues with messaging-please inform

Awesome new member jalar8651 created a wonderful new thread entitled ★★NEWEST★★DAILY TRACKING. THANK YOU!!!!

Whit!!!!(: Old timer member creating and sharing!!! Thank you, Whit for sharing a great site and joyous thread ★★NEWEST★★ Positive Thinking

Be where you are -go where you like -from your own unique place in your world.




to all! Lets enjoy together!

- - -

…most recent 2020 HAPPINESS MEETING of this brand new year has been posted- - -★PLEASE JOIN IN!! ★★NEWEST★★-HAPPINESS MTG!!♡OurSpiritPlaceAffirmations MAY/JUNE 2020-

…01-08-2020, Kathi created the first AWESOME 2020 HAPPINESS MEETING of this brand new year- - -★newest—★★Happiness Meeting 2020!! Messages to my self

- - -

- - - THANK YOU Kathi and Poppy for the many Happiness Meetings You’ve Created!!! Thank you both for always bringing your awesome energy to the community and involving all!


Previous mtgs: - - - ✉ -Aug 31,2019 HappinessMtg-★★Breakout-Workout:Expect Abundance&Awaken DeepestDesire Kathi/chair - - - - - - ✉ 2019 HAPPINESS MEETING ARCHIVES - - - ✉ June 2019 Cleansing, growth and expansion: Soul purpose

      • March 2019 The Creation of something new
      • February 2019 Meeting Valentines Special 2019! Nurturing Love in all levels your life!
      • January 2019 Meeting The Year of deepening self love, healing and regulating flow!
      • December Meeting DECEMBER 2018 HAPPINESS MEETING Celebrating the Gifts of 2018 and welcoming 2019! Unbridled, unlimited potential!!

✉ Newest Series created by Poppy: CAREGIVERS WHO CARE created June 2019


[STOP BY AS SOON AS SERIES-THREAD OPENS -HAPPINESS MEETINGS & OTHER WONDERFUL MEETING THREADS. -ALL MEMBERS WELCOME… JOIN IN ANYTIME]The intention of the Meetings is discussion, processing …and the result is transformative for those who allow what works for them.

Like all Bmindful threads-they never close!!!

& all Bmindful members are welcome!!!

Feel free to edit/delete (a lot…if needed… and return as often as you like). If you’ve deleted/altered your post…& someone responds to you…pls just leave some note to keep relevance {…it will assist flow of thread & respect all who stop by} (:

We are inspired by everything & everyone because … we are open to growth, joy & involving community. We are all teachers & students.

quick reminder next to forum threads - - - ✉(1 STAR ) ★ = ORIGINALLY created 2017 OR BEFORE/

      • ✉(2 STARS) ★★ = ORIGINALLY created during 2017 OR AFTER/

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      • ✉(new-4 STARS) ★★NEWEST★★ = ORIGINALLY created in BEGINNING OF April 2020 until present day!!!

THANK YOU Robert and Serenity for Keeping Bmindful Alive & Kicking!! Great idea Robert creating a quote of the person’s response you are responding to!!! Wow, this is a great way to not only acknowledge others, though to keep comments in tact when quote pics and/or typed comments move/disappear inadvertently/intentionally that a member has already responded to. (Who hasn’t wanted to revise their post from time to time?-Your suggestion will also help the revision be more of adding than something gone missing) Your idea is awesome!!! Great one!/ And love love your idea Serenity of bookmarking!!! Without categories and so many threads we all must have in our favorites… adding the word -BOOKMARK- to indicate you will return there soon is SPLENDID(: It also draws attention to threads we love and brings up threads others may not have taken notice yet.(Though, if you are like me, with lots of daily posts, be sure and get back to your bookmark soon or you will have to sort thru lots of posts to find your bookmark) (: Regardless, Great ideas!!!

So thank you, thank you, thank you both for these great ideas!!!

THANK YOU 528Universe FOR YOUR CONTINUED SHARING OF YOUR AWESOME BINAURAL VIDEOS!!! And thank you for creating beautiful affirmations with refreshing images. You are a delight! We are glad you’ve made Bmindful your community!

- - - - - - ✉ Speaking of wonderful new members… Thank You,Nicholas D’Arezzo for joining and regularly creating inspirational articles!!!

            • & Thank You, new member HollyDuffy for new Discussion threads!!!
            • & Thank You, new member Jordan Rowan brand new thread and affirmation comments!!!



Wow -sorry-haven’t been updating this page too much lately. The plan is to get back to this profile page for more than my affirmations(:

In the mean time, you know where to find me…Just post right on this page-its the very quickest way

or in February , 2020 I will check Bmindful email messages every THURSDAY

Having Log In Problems- email me

      • ★ ✉★ Please use your own favorites button to easily save YOUR FAVORITES…

love you all!!!

      • ★ ✉★ ✉ Hello Bmindful-new members & returning members!! I apologize for the lack of originality on member-profiles when welcoming friends to the site(: The site is growing so rapidly creating a joyous comment with new words would require I.. be a magician(:
      • ★ ✉★ ✉ Please know all members coming aboard are enthusiastically appreciated.(Even if) you haven’t formally introduced yourselves , you are already loved around here! And the words of welcome expressed on your comment section are from the heart & are as fresh and new as you are! I also apologize for not creating a better area sooner for responses to your questions. Though… all of that is in the works too. many answers are getting the big reveal now… as we are undergoing even more revision to the site. So much has led up to the beauty that is coming your way. Bunique, the awesome owner of this site has been very focused on bringing you beautiful bmindful surprises(: (most recent are beautiful new features -making it breeze to add pictures, links and videos… and he has tightened up security around here… so Bmindful is around for you and stays up and running beautifully)!
      • ★2

      • ★3 ✉ ~~~~~

ⓂⓊⒸⒽ Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities˚, aka selfcare(:

update coming soon …will always get back to you when you send messages(:

My current affirmation focus:

→ I am playfulness giving me a greater flow of ideas, spiritual connections, Divine guidance and energy. I am free to be myself.

- -

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