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Howdy All, I am a woman in my latter 40’s, a Paralegal by profession who is not working at the moment. I am a very creative person with so many creative ideas to express I need two brains! :) As I am such a dreamer My logical mathimatical side is not as developed as it could be. I am by nature, a very outgoing open friendly person who seldom meets a stranger however I have no friends. My thought process is extroverted as the introverted thoughts are always in question. I am educated and I suppose considered middle class in society.
I have spent most of my life struggling with depression, mild bi-polar, ADAD, and all the negativity associated with being misunderstood and not understanding which contributes to my mistrust of people. I try to subscribe to the idea Longfellow had regarding our understanding of others ““If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” I am, at heart, a positive freindly person yet I allow others actions and words to greatly effect my mood. I have learned great escape coping skills to escape my unhappiness inwhich procrastination has become A NO#1.
I am very aware of the power of positive thinking yet procrastination has creeped into all I do and I am looking to reverse the negativity to allow myself to feel lifes joy. SOOOO… Here I am! MAB

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