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Hi everyone Pink Cupcake here.

I have been here before as Best 78 but since my computer`s been restored ive had to rejoin because id forgotten my password, so Im actually here twice.

I am 38 years old, married for nine years with a daughter who will be nine in december.

I have been steadily working on becoming more confident and love reading books by authors like Louise Hay.

I decided to change my user name because I thought it would look odd having 2 Best 78s on the site.

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13 posts

Hello pink cupcake. I looked at your profile and noticed you read Louise L. Hay’s books. I have only recently begun doing positive affirmations and the first book I bought on the subject is by Louise Hay. It’s called “Experience Your Good Now!” Have you read it? It comes with a CD. I have found the CD very useful and listen to it more than I read the book.


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Selfcare˚ Allowing Good
1571 posts

Hello Pink Cupcake (alias Best 78) smiles…. Very cute name…Thanks for contacting me to let me know of your name change…I am glad you are still with our loving community…very special people are needed to make a loving and valuable community, and special loving and valuable you are.

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13 posts

Hi pink cupcake. How is your affirmation challenge for December going? Over the last week I have read ‘You Can Create an Exceptional Life’ by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. I’d recommend it, it’s very good.


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pink cupcake
20 posts

Hi KatyKamu

Im still saying “I Approve of Myself” everyday.

I have heard of the book youve mentioned but I havent read it.

Thank you for the recommendation.

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102 posts

Hey Pink Cupcake… so glad you are still here….. stay positive and well….

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Be Smylee
45 posts

May your day b filled with endless abundance in every department …love, joy, happiness and extra Smiles2ya!!!!! (^_^)

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6 posts

Hi Pink cupcake thanks for adding as your friend. I love your affirmations. Took a few gems for myself. I am so glad I found this site things happen for a reason :)

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13 posts

Hi Pinkcupcake, have you done the challenge you mentioned last year where you say “I approve of myself” affirmation for a whole month yet? If so, how did it go? I am thinking of trying to do it for May.

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sada bahaar
38 posts

Hii pink cupcake, You can still restore your password and can go back to Best 78


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5 posts

You’re welcome! Have a great day :)

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166 posts

hi pink cupcake (Best 78). how are you doing ,I love your new name

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