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I’m a 43yr old wife and mother of 3 wonderful teenager children.this year my eldest son is sitting for his HSC.MY daughter is sitting for yr 10 school certificate. My youngster finishes primary school in year 6.I AM looking forward to new challenges that we will meet through the year Our family time management issuse will be our greatese issues, Along with wealth, schedules love.and romance. and peoples own importance over a family . on top of all that i am recovering from a car crash that happen on the way to work which has left me with some aches and pains is my shoulders neck lower back.but as I ended up havivig a massage to unlock my energy spots. and joing the forum i am now writing and saying affirmations at least 10 every hour. the change has been amazing. with my new sense of positive attitudes i now feel that this will be a successful socially community cultural event, with high academic achievement being reach and all my family reaching the goals that want at the end of the year.and me I am calm and at peace and grateful the abundance of wealth and happiness and healh that the universe provides for my family.

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hi shellmark and welcome ,i love your affirmations love flowergirl

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