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★SITE REQUEST★How do you use bmindful? 

Hey, as you all know I want to improve bmindful and make it the best tool possible for creating and sharing affirmations, ideas and positivity :-)

To do this I would love to hear how you currently use bmindful.

What are your favourite features?
What parts of the site do you use most?
What parts of the site do you find most frustrating?
If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I really appreciate any feedback you provide and hopefully I can take that feedback and make a better site for everyone :-)

Hi Keith!

Thank you for everything that you are working on for Bmindful!!

First of all, I just want to you to know that I love Bmindful! I have really come a long way, since I first arrived on this website, and I love all of my growth!! I sincerely love the journey that I have embarked on, and with every thread, I gain insight and I gain tools that assist in my on going metamorphosis. This is a very special place. It’s truly unique, and truly powerful!

Most favorite feature:
My personal list of affirmations is my most favorite feature. My affirmations are all meaningful to me, and I use them. I share them with others. They are meaningful to me because they are like tools that I can use to get from one situation to another situation. I can use my affirmations to negotiate with myself, or empower myself, and I can use affirmations to reward or acknowledge myself. I create and transform with affirmations. And, I use this website almost daily.

What parts do you use most?

1. My affirmation page

2. Tha Happiness meetings. The Happiness meetings are very important to me. We have been creating those meetings for almost 2 years now, and I have gotten incredible value and insight out of these meetings. Many times, its what I would call core work, and IMHO, the work in the most valuable when you connect with your truth. The more you engage your self into the content, the greater you shine! It’s work, its revealing, its working with authenticity, and it involves creating new and more powerful affirmations.

3. The community of Bmindful: I really am amazed at the wonderful community! So many times I have gotten wonderful support, and I’ve also given support to others. Community offers many fine things, and I deeply appreciate the quality, the trust, and the reciprocity and equanimity. These are things that contribute to a healthy community.

I also love being able to look up things in the affirmation category. What a fantastic tool! When I look at everything thats listed on the affirmations, its massive, and it opens my eyes up, helps me to look at the huge contribution of others!

Having a Moderator on the sight is very beneficial. It gives the website what I believe is necessary structure for online behavior and it stops online bullying. Also having a Moderator creates workability for online issues, questions and assistance.


We had one time discussed having categories. That would be helpful. I would really like to be able to see all of the Happiness meetings in one place, where people could look at them, and could choose to participate in those meetings. having categories would be very helpful.

I wish that there was a way where we could be more global. More international, and more open to connecting on an international level. Maybe I could brainstorm over that and come up with suggestions geared towards cultivating an international chat room who want to connect through media such as Bmindful, with similar goals as Bmindful.

What are your favorite features?

Everything, seriously, this is an utterly magnificent place. I am most partial to being free to share quotes that resonate with me with others. I just love being here in an environment that is so warm, accepting and genuinely nurturing. There is absolutely something for everyone. I am evolving into the very best me I can possibly be and Bmindful has played a very significant part in this transformation.

What parts of the site do you use most?
Above all I like the sharing of our thoughts, ideas, information and affirmations. I find that I use a little bit of everything it all comes together beautifully and makes my spirit sing.

Hello Keith,
The thing I like the most about Bmindful is that it gives everyone an opportunity to have a voice. You can use your voice to be silent, to share ideas, to scream out to no one in particular and everyone or anyone who will listen. And I believe the listener is most often yourself.

I enjoy the level of trust others share on the site. For the most part everyone is polite and kind even if they have different views. I appreciate the level of commitment you personally put forth in terms of finance, time, and support. You have set into motion an expectation of kindness and positivity that permeates throughout the forum.

Your zest for constant improvement on the site is refreshing. I am always pleased to see new features such as the “return to Bmindful” on several,pages and I like the ability to send private messages to other participants. The moderator is especially helpful to new and long standing members. She is tireless in providing further research on topics of interest and is always ready to help participants in any way she can.

If I could change one thing about the site it would be to give you more time to participate on the forum threads. You have a way of asking just the right questions and giving us a new perspective of the complexity of being the owner.

I have opted to receive an email when members make me a friend, but I am not always able to tell who they are so I can include them as my friend as well. I am also somewhat frustrated by the complexity of including pictures in my posts. It is not an intuitively easy process—cut and paste, drop and drag, etc.

Lastly, the encouragement of using positive affirmations for personal growth is well worth the repetition required to expand consciousnesses and defeat limiting beliefs.

Keep up the good work, you are much appreciated.

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

Hello Keith, I know we touch base frequently re:site, though I come to you this visit …as another… passionate long time member of our community.

I still remember when (as a new member)…we;Bmindful moved to this location in 2007.

Bmindful was ‘only’ an affirmation site before we moved here. I knew upon sign up, this was going to be a place I would feel productive, creative and joyful by adding these affirmation tools, to assist my creating my wonderful possibilities(:

I had learned early on in my life… that finding words which resonate with my spirit and lift me to places that were right for my journey was an invaluable prescription for ‘instant’ transformation…with an open invitation to continue on progressively.

I remember what it felt like when Bmindful moved over to this location… and Lee;creator of site assisted me by reissuing me a new password… I also recall at the old location… when he posted 3 wonderful words in the comment section of my profile page: Welcome to Bmindful. Doesn’t sound like much… this welcome…though I remember staring at it… feeling…wow, I have the gift of storing my affirmation-treasures, and now I am part of a community who values co-creation as I do.

While it was just a handful of people back then, the ease of being oneself without anything fancy around us… was perfect. The trust, love and connection worked.

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how.

What I love (and have always loved) about the community:

1. The energy that is still here today… When you look for the positive/good.. you find in everything/everyone. And when we all do that together without exclusion … we are a force that is unlike any place…

2. I of course love the affirmations … creating my own, and claiming with my spirit… (and the lovely tool Bmindful has for me to utilize) the finds/creations of others.

3. I love the community . I feel like already know them before we meet.. We have a common connection… a love… for what we believe can be found here…. youtube videos which translate into what my like minded friends are appreciating. I love how we share what we love … learning techniques,music, contagious joy, and supporting our fellow human beings on the site, and hopefully giving something to those who pass by who have yet to join… when engaging in their infamous magical google search(:
4. I love the Bmindful Start Page and Personal Messaging very much.Thank you for creating a way to delete old messages.

I also like this week on Bmindful , affirmation quick search and Bmindful’s affirmation random search

5. You had mentioned we may receive some tools to assist w/ our creating threads. I would like to know more about that.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say I love creating threads (: I love it just for me & love when sharing with one another occurs more. Though I believe everything is occurring as it needs to(:

Threads changed during the time we temporarily had no owner… with little to no sharing for that time frame.


Though that has changed because you supported our community, one that made us a promise that the good the site was founded with would continue to grow and prosper. You are appreciated so very much.
Threads allow a member to be in that space of using what they already know truly works to … creating a space for something more.

6. I love reading, participating and hearing about various thread-series members are creating.

I love participating in our free workshops.

I can’t forget the invaluable Happiness Meetings. I look forward to creating/participating/supporting and experiencing continued beautiful growth there. I know much beauty/discoveries can happen a variety of threads, when members involve themselves in discussions the way that assists them.

6. As far as new things you’ve brought to us besides your promise to keep us around…. which is tremendous right there….


I love how pictures cannot overpower a thread by keeping the size within reason.

I love how you’ve added greater security to our passwords, and keep our site safe and running.

I also love our new Facebook Page.

There are a lot of tedious things I know you must try out for even the smallest changes, and I thank you for the focus it must take for that.

  • ~
    If I could change one thing, what would it be?
    I am so appreciative for what exists, I rarely get very frustrated, or desire much more.


My long term hope (however long it takes) is to see a handful of categories and subcategories.

I’m getting excited about being able to view videos live on a thread versus a link. It looks great and it will be very functional in quickly seeing what members post!

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how.

I really like checking your companion site, http://dailyaffirmation.org/ on a daily basis.

It gives me something to think about. Sometimes I click on the affirmation so it takes me over here to see how you all are doing and how bmindful is doing as a site, and check for messages from users I’ve chatted with in the past.

I also like being able to search for affirmations that have a certain theme.

I like how you’ve cleaned up some of the affirmations that shouldn’t be public and might cast your site in a bad light if they appeared on dailyaffirmation.org

So keep up the good work! Seems like good energy here now and I have high expectations the community will grow in numbers and results.

Thanks for all your feedback so far. I’m overwhelmed with how positive you all are about the site. I will be reading over all your posts again and compiling a list of requested features and an update with where we are implementing them :-)
Once again thank you all for being so awesome!

I mostly use bmindful as a sort of journal. Mostly use the forum for expressing my thoughts, mostly for myself, but, I also enjoy reading others thoughts. Sometimes I think I have useful info that should be put out just in case others can use it. There are things that I want to share at times, but, I don’t feel like bmindful is the appropriate place, mostly of a political nature and many people get easily offended these days. I honestly think a lot of, for lack of a better word, brainwashing has gone on in this country (the US) for a long time and I think we see the fruits of it every day. I also think a lot of “conspiracy” stuff is probably very real. Mix a little truth with a little “crazy” and people don’t know what to believe. Mix powerful corporate interests with the media and government and you have a population that is herded around like sheep. I don’t know why I am mentioning this here. I guess ‘cause if I’m going to say what I use bmindful for, I kinda feel like mentioning what I’m avoiding posting as well.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

Favorite features:
My signature:Where you can type something that appears under a post.
Moderator:She is always on or near by,and a smooth operator in her own right.
Simplicity:A word perhaps underrated,these days. I like the fact that the site was designed with that concept in mind.
Educative:Basically an individual can learn stuff here that wasn’t offered in school.

In response to bunique’s post:

Hi Bunique! I really appreciate you’re having created this site and having shared it with all who can see the great value and potential it already shows to have in it just as it iz now. That’s not saying I don’t look forward to seeing it’s continue to grow into something even greater. I am one who loves and embraces change. However, I am still fairly new to the site and haven’t seen anything that I can think of that needs improvement as I am still taking it all in. Being a creative person myself when I become conscious of a desire I will often share my thoughts with the developers. Once I get more settled in I am sure those ideas will flow and I will be sure to send any to you when they do and you can do with them as you see fit.

It’s a wonderful site. There are not many communities online like this and just to think of the billions of people who are online today and billions of websites I’m sure that exist today that makes bmindful.com pretty special if you ask me. One thing I have noticed that really has stood out to me iz I have yet to come across one resistant member of this community. Everyone iz so positive and loving here. I am used to there being a few that are attracted to spiritual matters only because they resist such matters and want to express their resistance to it. It comes with the territory, I don’t complain about them, I use them for my personal growth just as I do with those who are very supportive. In all my years spent in forums I’ve never encountered a community like this and I just wanted to thank you and all who contribute and participate as well for making that possible.

I don’t have any particular favorite features yet. I love the forums which already have a lot to offer. I haven’t yet begun to make a dent in reading them or having commented in those that have already been created. I love having the ability to search for affirmations and receive the thousands that come up in the results iz truly awesome. I don’t think there iz any other site that does that. I like that we have our page, and I love that we can comment on pages, send private messages, and comment on affirmations. There are many ways to communicate on here which iz fantastic!

I’m not sure yet which I use most yet on the site.

I haven’t found anything frustrating thus far.

If I could change one thing it would be how the time iz displayed for the private messages received. It just throws me off a little because I’m just not used to seeing private messages stamped as 1 day, 3 hours. I am used to seeing the time and date they were sent to me according to my own time zone.

I’m sure we’ll see this website grow quite a bit each month. The collective consciousness of the world iz expanding pretty rapidly and there just isn’t many sites quite like this one. It’ll be exciting to watch and be apart of it. Again, thanks for a wonderful creation and thanks for being you!

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

All the features are user friendly,and simple.
In other words, accessing the favorite threads
feature is a one step process,or one click
of the mouse process.
Emails are another example of simplicity.
An extra external “app“is not necessary.

Use the most?
Probably the recent activity sidebar.
I seem to like clicking on the
participated,and favorite threads feature also.

I seem to be drawing a blank
with ?s 3 and 4.

Hi Keith,

Just one more thought that I would like to share.

When I first joined Bmindful, my focus was on my self, and on my affirmations. It didn’t take me long to discover that the Bmindful community was amazing. I was not expecting this, and it was a very pleasant surprise! It took me a little while longer to discover that there were several members who have been here since its beginning. I was impressed by their commitment and their commitment to their community. This was amazing, and this was huge to me!! This spoke volumes to me. There was sharing, caring and an awesome, thriving community.

Before you took over, there was no moderator, and we really needed one. There was bullying, and the community really got impacted, and we lost some incredible members. Thank goodness that we got a moderator and the Bmindful community could begin to thrive again.

I just want to acknowledge that over the last year to year and a half, the website has been cleaned up, and the threads are more organized. This created greater functionality, and with greater visibility, we began to rebuild the Bmindful community, and once again, nurture a community that open and was communicative with one another.

We are now having more series. This is exciting because the community is thriving!! You can tell its thriving by the increase in the level of contributions. I love the new Speakers series, and I am grateful for all of the synchronicity! When we get all of the new categories, I think its going to be fantastic around here! I am certain that things will fill up rapidly.

Thank you again for all of your hard work! I am grateful for our website and for our Bmindful community.


Hey again thank you all for such wonderful responses. It’s fantastic that you all are having mainly such positive experiences with bmindful.

As you all know I want to make the experience of using bmindful as positive and easy to use as possible. There are currently a lot of features on the site and by knowing which of them are the most frequently used, it helps me to know where to best align my focus, so again thank you all for that feedback :-)

My plan is to improve things slow and incrementally, this way it makes it easier for you all to get used to any changes and if I make any changes that are unpopular or don’t work very well then it should be easier for me to revert that change back without too much of a struggle.

I wanted to take some time to address each of the issues reported with a plan of action. I’ll take these in the order they were posted.

If I miss anything or you would like more explanation or to discuss it further please feel free to continue this thread :-)


@kathi response:

I definitely plan to add more categories again in the future. At the moment as the community it quite small, I want to make it easier for new members to navigate the site and participate in active threads but as we improve navigation, adding categories will become a natural progression.

For posts such as the regular happiness thread I would love to create a special way of highlighting them but at present there isn’t enough space to do this naturally on the site but I modernise the design to be more responsive this will become an easier task.

In terms of making the site more global. That is a fantastic suggestion and something I will make a note of and consider when rebuilding the platform.


@poppy response:

Hey poppy, thanks for your comment about my participation on the site. At present I read a lot more than I participate but I’m sure you’ll see me joining in more this year :-)

The emails that bmindful send out definitely need to be audited and improved and is right at the top of my list. At present I haven’t got too much of an idea of what emails are sent. I want to look into them, fix any issues and also add a setting so that members can decide which emails they want to receive and which they don’t :-)

I also agree that presently adding images and links to the site isn’t easy. I’m currently testing adding a new editor to the site which will end the days of markdown and having to remember how to create styles will hopefully be over. If the editor turns out to be successful then my next step will be to integrate an image uploader and editor so you can resize and crop the image without having to be an expert.


@smart_routines_with_enthusiasm response:

I completely understand how you feel with the current political climate and not wanting to bring this into the forum and yet still wanting to share what you feel. I think the idea of a journal would be an interesting one to explore further, being able to chronicle your thoughts and feelings, but be be able to put together affirmations which go alongside those feelings could be really useful. Definitely something for me to think about for the future.


@iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE response:

Thank you for your feedback and perspective. I definitely want to keep the positive vibe on this forum moving forward and will do my best to preserve it.

I unfortunately won’t be able to fix the timezone issue anytime soon but I’ll definitely put it on the list and make sure this is possible when I start work on the new platform. I think it would be good to offer the option to choose how you would like things such as the date time to appear.

Again thank you all for your feedback, I’ve enjoyed reading it all. Please do feel free to offer any other ideas or suggestions :-)

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how.

I would like to say a huge thank you to you folks who run b mindful and to all the lovely members here.

I used to participate a lot more here and came to my quiet ,sacred space – “flower power” thread most days but for the last 12 months my daughter has been so poorly that I don’t come so often

I have to be honest and say some days I really struggle with negative thoughts and a very low mood and don’t come on here as I don’t want to be down here but I am thinking maybe I should do and reach out more for help

love ,peace and hugs

In response to flowergirl’s post:

Lovely Flowergirl,
You are so beautifully part of this Bmindful family, and so loved. Bmindful has that energy you grew to love and be yourself. Wherever you are… whatever you are experiencing -You … your presence create Us. We are One, and desire you stopping by and post what you love, and ask for the support you need.

love, peace and hugs to you and your family today and everyday, AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities (aka selfcare)

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how.


In response to SpiritualTec’s post:
love this! Thank you SpiritualTec for sharing this awesome affirmation!

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how.

AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities – Sent you a PM with some of my personal view on what an overall evolution of Bmindful would be for you to pass on to Admin. http://bmindful.com/affirmations/40996 – Affirmation achieved. Lol .

In response to SpiritualTec’s post:
yes it is! (present tense) (smiles)

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities’s post:

thank you for those beautiful words Self care ,you have helped me realise this morning that I need to reach out and that it is safe to do so here .

I can also see now that even though I might not actually be posting and reading on the site the energy on here and in myself are not separate but together.

Right now my family ,especially my daughter need all the hope we can find and the love shown in this space has reminded me to come here and believe that I am not moaning or being negative but instead I am opening the door to bring love and positivity as well as healing into our lives

Thank you so much ,love and peace always

In response to flowergirl’s post:

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how.

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