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★Being Thankful

My friend is such a wonderful lady. She is very wise, sincere, caring, and honest. It’s so heartwarming for a friend who can give you advice that really makes you feel alive again.

When negativities start she is the person I speak to. When the incident at the market happened and then my friend who was without a place to live became so sick it really got to me. Why? Was my thinking

My friend remineded me that instead of focusing on the negative look at the good things in my life. There was a lot to be thankful for. It snapped me out of that negative thinking. This was something I did before and then stopped. Writing down 9 things to be thankful for morning and night. You will be surprized at how many add to that list.

Today I am back to myself again. A little wiser but once again happier.



Love this Mary about you and your friend!

This not only is a wonderful thread about your friend... its just wonderfully inspirational 

A new day is a blank slate.

I could easily say... I want to do other things rather than going to work today... because thats sooo easy.



I would like to begin my 9 things now, and I thank you for the inspiration

(would that count as my #1?) (:

thought -getting ready for work... feeling-> so... grateful for employment and the personal growth I've allowed myself there

thought- about to eat and prepare breakfast  for now &  my lunch for work... feeling-> I'm grateful for food, and the foods I like

I got up early for work.... ->I am grateful I took time for gratitude & aligning (:

thought ...My hubby is still sleeping. ->I'm grateful for my husband  ... who he is and who he is to me all the time (always something to appreciate)

thought ...life has been full... ->feeling... so grateful I've been acting on things to take good care of me 

thought...Bmindful ... grateful for this community and the focused place to allow 

thought... Loving life ... grateful for air I breathe, the place I live, the people I love and another day to experience joy of discovery from my heart place




grateful I don't feel rushed this morning, and the clock looks only like a fixture on the wall(:

I will be ready in perfect time & I will be creating my day with ease.

I love gratitude and appreciation-it creates my day and my inner peace.(:


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