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★Latest Rules Regarding Additional Aliases/06-09- 16

If you haven’t noticed, though it would be hard to miss, I have 3 aliases(:

AppreciationView˚ is the oldest profile which had 5000 affirmations, though has gone through numerous name changes. The other 2 emerged after I took on moderator role… It was not the easiest creating momentum on our fun/growth filled threads with a big MODERATOR button next to my name lol. So I created AlwaysPossibilities for announcements and business related topics… And then the last one intheflow (which was originally called ‘just for me’) to just be my same ol-passion filled member with out moderator tag(: That mode doesn’t allow for any administrative functions… just me. Over time, I found out I could perform bmindful business and bmindful joy with whatever alias I utilized. The passion for the site and being myself became 1 in the same.

Why am I telling you this?

Keith (Bunique) has new guidelines for creating new aliases. He has no problem with it, if it is done with good reason, which I will share… and/or if you let others know you are 1 in the same person.

I know of at least 3 other members that created new aliases because passwords didn’t work, and they paid more than 1x. This occurred when we were in between owners. This is fine. though incredibly sorry it happened that you paid more than 1x.

[Btw, if you ever lose your password just email laurie@bmindful.com and a temporary PW can be created and you can create what you like again(:

If you don’t have personal messaging (PM’s)which is a feature if you decide to to upgrade your account, you can always use the bmindful.com address(:

We are a growing community, that will continue to grow, and therefore our guidelines are being formed as we speak. And as the sign-ups grow … the one thing we’d like to remain a constant is knowing who we are/were speaking to.

We had a time, which is long gone that aliases were created to go incognito because of bullying on the site. The bullying occurred because we were in between ownership, and there were few inventive ways to be not be bullied and still be loving and kind. We aren’t there anymore.

So if you’d like to have more than 1 alias- just express why, and most likely, its a go, if it is meaningful to you…. like maybe you want to reorganize your profile page/affirmations …etc…

Just remember the reason why its touchy… to have additional aliases, and not share this./ This is a forum, and each member who communicates with you wants to speak to not only words you post though the real person(:

For those members who ‘saved my butt’ with their added aliases… I thank you …if I hadn’t before(:

How to make it known to others is still not clear. Any ideas? Keith mentioned something on your profile page. Thoughts?

Even though we have ideas who has a separate alias who has not made it known, we are still bringing threads into Happiness cafe. Though please help us with the process. Members want to know who they are conversing with.

a loving thought to all members… this community was founded with love. It’s what we know and expect. Thank you for bringing your loving-selves to your community(: We don’t know all of you, though love you already(:

peace & joy … always

PS so many wonderful things are in the works for us(:

As things begin to take shape… you will always be informed(:

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