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★should you focus on less or more affirmations?

Hey guys, I have been using affirmations for a long time, with little results. How to use affirmations correctly? Maybe I have been missing with results, because I have been focusing on far too many affirmations? What do you, guys think?
Very grateful for answers.
Lots of love

Quite a few years back, I wrote 15 or 20 affirmations and had them recorded, in my own voice with as much emphasis as I could muster at the time. I wanted to make them sound as good as fresh baked sliced bread. I then sent them off to be put on a CD. They looped the the affirmations and I would listen to them every night for several years. This was way before I found Bmindful. Gradually, my life changed for the better. I programmed my mind to accept and believe what I was saying. Then I found Bmindful several years later. I still read through part of my original list of affirmations and some more I’ve liked from others here on the forum every day. For quite a while, I took a break from them , but now I’m back. I believe the trick to affirmations is to truly believe in them and accept, and expect them be absolute truth for you. They are not just nice sounding words or positive thoughts, but really part of who you are. You act them out in daily life. They are so much a part of you, you can’t separate them from you. Hope this helps—-Poppy

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

this is a really good discussion thread.

We all have our own ways of using affirmations...

for me its the more the merrier ...

Will return, hoping others share a bit too(:

(recent thread entitled 10 a day)

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