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★Bmindful Financial Advisors

There are many among us who are either doing well financially and/or have info that just might help someone else on bmindful do well and/or better.

This thread is for all of us to step up to help one another with anything you’ve learned or are learning to assist current or future financial circumstances for one of your bmindful friends.

Here is a United States website that may help you with info regarding your mortgage:

Science of getting Rich

that not this

A great philosopher Bertrand Russell said, , “Any man who maintains that happiness comes wholly from within should be prepared to spend thirty-six hours in rags in a blizzard without food.”

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Thanks for this thread. Looking forward to the future posts.

My favorite financial tool? Mint.com

It automatically monitors your spending — as long as it’s not cash. I don’t use cash, so it’s great for me.

Mint.com sends you pretty emails with pie charts to show how your spending is going each month. Warns you when you’re over budget for eating out, or any other category, etc.

I figure your money’s like your diet. Until you get an honest handle on flows in and out, you’re in avoidance. Just like diet — there’s other more important things but if it’s not balanced, neither is your life.


Caveat. Some people don’t trust Mint.com because you have to tell it the passwords of your other online accounts. But they have a way to encrypt the passwords so not even their own employees can see them — supposedly. I figure if anyone abuses one of my credit cards or my debit cards (I have one for biz, one for personal) then Mint.com will help me see the fraud sooner — instead of hoping I notice it on a monthly credit card statement.

Yes monitoring your spending is such a good way to get your finances in order. Have you ever written a food journal, and just by knowing you have to write it down alters what you decide to put in your mouth? Same for writing down your spending. I do it every so often when I need to reasses and get back on track. Nothing fancy, just keep every receipt and every day or so write it up in a book, as simple as In’s & Out’s, and brief note what it was for.

From there you might start to see patterns develop, having a month’s worth of spending written down makes it clear where your money really goes and makes it easier to notice little cut-backs you can make. You might even notice you’re paying way more for certain things than your partner, and be able to negotiate a more harmonious equality.

The quickest path to saving and feeling more in control for myself was opening a separate “bills account” and each pay transfer a certain amount over, to always have enough when the bigger expenses come through. And anything I could I changed to pre-paying in instalments by direct debit instead of waiting for a 3 month electricity bill for example.

And no matter how small your income is, this is still possible, even if you save the tiniest bit. You soon won’t miss it and will adapt.

Money has been on my mind. It started yesterday when I felt something strange in the finger of my glove – it was 5 cents and I wondered how that got there and if it would mean anything. Later that day I got my tax refund and a payrise :)

“Even if you’re on the right track – you’ll get run over if you just sit there” Will Rogers

I am in control of my money
I am living the abundant life
I am able to give and recieve freely
My finances are in order
The more I give the more I get
Giving is the key
My gratitude boosts me financially

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