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★A Highlighted Affirmative Prayer Treatment˚

God’s mind is the only mind there is, and that Mind expresses in and through me as orderly thinking.

It is at peace and balance at all times

The Mind thinking through me is intelligent.

Love and Wisdom flow through me to erase all mental confusion.

All maladjustment and frustration are now released as I feel a deep, inner peace which transcends all false beliefs.

My thought is established in peace and poise. Through the adjusting Power of God. I am secure and stabilized in thought emotion and action.

Divine Intelligence directs every activity of my life into joyous fulfillment.

Harmony is established in my mind and in all relationships with all people, and experiences. I agree with Life. Life agrees with me.

My mind is at peace for I accept the Healing Presence of God fulfilling Its purpose in me.
copyright World Ministry of Prayer Los Angeles California


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