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★Process Affirmations

Question: I like the idea of your site and I would love to be able to contribute. But I have never been able to enter in an affirmation more than one sentence long. I have some affirmation process that can be up to 4 pages long. In fact, the only affirmations I use are “process affirmations.” . It’s like a barrage of 50-affirmations in succession on one subject. They are 10x’s more effective than single one liners because they handle just about every aspect of a particular subject. Is there something I am doing wrong? Below is an example.

I am a self-governed being; I withdraw all power, now and forever from others regarding my personal happiness in any fashion. I am self transcended and am now initiated into my right to be a self-created, self-determined being. I come from a space, not of need, But of completeness. I am whole. I am responsible solely for my happiness, my happiness is not dependent on social approval or the need for love, appreciation or acknowledgment, my happiness is not depended on circumstances. My happiness is immune to the flux and flow of my life situation. I stop making my circumstances responsible for my happiness, love and self-respect, because I am a complete being. my happiness is generated from within. My happiness is not depended on performance (mine or others) social status or power over things or externals.

My power comes from the realization that I have awakened and learned new social and emotional skills. The quality of my life is immensely improved because I am no longer addicted to externals but to internal values.

I am a self-ruled and created beingness. All inferior thoughts, cognitions and emotional states (pass) and through it all, I am enduringly happy. I do not need a reason or a validation to have happiness. I turn it on at will. I turn off my anxiety at will. Also I am calm happy and serene. In fact I become happier all the time.

I am no longer a victim of my conditioning, past environment, social customs or emotional patterning. Others are not out to get me or hurt me in any fashion because I am not out to hurt, seek revenge on, or get others. I am not out to even the score. I write my own script. Finally I am free because I no longer operate in any shape or form, on memories or feelings of past pain and the things that happened to me, which were always excuses for being unhappy. I have just willingly removed all excuses. I free myself from the need on any level for pain, suffering, or any kind of unhappiness, now and forever. I am now healed from and have completely forgiven any and all wrongs done to me in any fashion because I now run my life and take full responsibility for my happiness. I am not a victim … so I do not self-sabotage any more. I am a hero and a winner in my own mind and now this is now reflected in my life circumstances

I am a savior, my own. I have saved myself from the limiting thoughts and emotional values that have erected barriers between me, and my ability to have happiness at will, Joy and self-love at will, independent of circumstances and the need to please others. I am free of the cage of my own self-misconceptions and mis-perceptions and prejudices. I run my life now, my fears or opinions do not. I am in control of circumstances, because I am in control of me. I give myself permission to be happy and joyful at all times, anytime, anywhere. My thoughts are not responsible for my happiness, I am. … I can have it now if I choose to, instantly. Whatever outcome I see in my mind, I now choose to turn on the happiness because it is my choice, and my choice alone. When and how I shall exercise my will.

I learn to exercise my will. I learn to exercise my powers of joy. I am elated. I am Flooded with happiness, All fear vanishes. I am happier and happier every day. It shows. I glow. I accept this power without reserve, completely and absolutely now. My life has improved because I now choose to be happy. There is always a song in my heart and I can choose to share this happiness with anyone, I choose, today, Sometime or at this moment.

Inside me there is limitless happiness, I feel it grow and grow now. It is always there. This is my constant choice. I don’t need excuses or reasons to be happy anymore. I choose to be happy now, no matter how my day, week or years turn out.

Because I do not need a reason to be happy anymore, I choose happiness not frustration. I choose happiness not fear. I choose happiness not anxiety. I choose happiness over circumstances. I reserve the right to be happy always in all circumstances. I choose happiness over anger. I choose happiness not suspicion or distrust, it is my choice. I choose not to get upset, down, sad, but instead I choose happiness.

At all times and places. I go about my business of being happy filled with joy and getting better at it all the time. I take back my power and self-control. I am free. I am happy, extremely happy to just be, Any way that I am, at any time. I choose to be happy, and if that isn’t enough then I get happier.

I’M ruler of my emotional destiny. I do not allow things, events, people, self, or others to come between my happiness and me. For I’m always happy and feel free in all things, in all I do. My base emotion is one of happiness and eternal gratitude, especially since I have granted myself the power to be happy at will, to turn it on, at will, and to love my wholesome dreams, at will, no matter what. It’s not just okay it’s fantastic. I am so excited, because whenever I feel my emotions I feel happiness in there, it never ends it never stops. My problems stop because I stop making them emotional issues. They are just simply challenges, that I am happy to handle well.

I stop feeling violated, intimidated, threatened, alarmed, or fearful, because I am happy no matter how things turn out, I’ll be happy. No matter what happens in my relationships, I’ll be happy. I am not attached on an emotional level to outcomes; But I’m always happy to be at my best to do my best, to improve my best.

Suffering is caused when one chooses to be unhappy. I choose to eliminate suffering, I really feel that way, life is a game. I choose to be of cheer, no matter how controversial or scandalous it may seem.

It is my right to choose. And so I aggressively take inner control and allow happiness saturate my life to overflowing. I am a emotionally wholesome and well. I am perpetually a winner because I am perpetually happy and filled with enthusiasm, vigor, excitement and assuredness. I am at peace.

My Response: Although process affirmations are not for me, I do understand that everyone is different, and I can see how they could be incredibly powerful! So, I don’t want to prevent these from appearing on the site so I will add them as an article!

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“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

In response to Lee Nutter’s post:
Everyone does everything in their own unique style; affirmations are no exception to that.

Process affirmations are one of the most useful tools I use. It is a reframing of any thought that is not useful to me. It is the 1/2 full 1/2 empty glass of water reference. When 2 ways are “right”, why not choose the way of communicating that says it so well to your psyche, that all other thoughts, feelings and actions just seem to multiply for the best of the best.

Process affirmations instantly, as I think them, and write them, and own them change me and my circumstances immediately. I have so many examples of this being so. I’m grateful I can do this at will, and your site, Lee gives me a place to do this, and share with others who may need to reframe their moment, day or evening ahead, possibly in a similar fashion.

Today, I checked in w/me (smiles), and acknowledged I needed more upbeat energizing vibes supporting and surrounding my intentions.
So I wrote this on the Fresh Eyes thread moments ago:

Today I get the message! I see an overview of my plans, and I easily detail what I must do to reach beyond my desired result. This awesome result, occurs because I don’t work alone-> I cocreate with a Power Greater Than Myself, God. I’m enthusistic and self assured that God doesn’t need my help with making the current scenarios become blessings.

After my business is wonderfully addressed and handled well this morning, I see an overview for other areas that also need attention. I relax with the same certainty that all is where it needs to be, and I am where I need to be, cocreating with a Source so available, that anything that seems like a wait for answers, is actually everything I need and want in process, and progressing perfectly.

I’m grateful and give thanks to Our Awesome Creator; an energy and force that keeps supplying the best of the best always to me. and it is so. Amen.

What a difference for me.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

How practical! I hadn’t thought of doing an affirmation in this way before, but I can clearly see how powerfully effictive it would be. Almost like a motivational pep-talk specifically designed and personalized for you that you write for yourself. No one knows better what resonates with you that you do yourself. It would be well worth it to take the time to write one of these out for yourself, actually it would be a worthwhile exercise to do often. Put it up on your wall or laminate it and keep it on your dash-board. You could read it when you’re stuck in traffic. I think I’ll write one for myself and start reading it frequently.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary


Affirmation Quick Searchaffirmation tags
♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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