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Carl Jung

Would carl Jung be able to categorise bmindfulers? There must be a common thread amongst us that brings us together for the kind of subjects we cover. I wonder how many subscribers are NT’s

Act positively, in the moment, with one eye on tomorrow. Freerace.

Hi freerace,

What an interesting thought! This could be a fun and informative experiment. I’m not sure how accurate those online tests are, but if we all took the same test then surely we’d get a decent idea as to what it is that brings us all together.

I’ll see if I can dig up a semi decent test!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

This test looks alright. It asks the same questions in different ways and they seem relevant. I am open to other suggestions if anyone knows of a better one though!

I’ve taken the test, my results are below. I’m not totally sure that I agree with those results, there was a lot of questions where the answer was ‘it depends on the circumstances’.

An example, I never book anything when I travel and it’s spur of the moment the entire way without exception, but almost everything I do with my projects is calculated and planned out. I suppose asking the same questions in different ways is supposed to pick this up.

A couple of the questions were absolutely clear cut though. As in I prefer to isolate myself from outside noises lol

Anyway, My Results:


Introverted = 33
Intuitive = 38
Feeling = 12
Perceiving = 11

moderately expressed introvert
moderately expressed intuitive personality
slightly expressed feeling personality
slightly expressed perceiving personality

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Lee, I just tried that link but got “Service unavailable. Please try it a little bit later.” :(

Oh, works now :)

I am: ENFP

Extraverted = 22
Intuitive = 38
Feeling = 25
Perceiving = 33

slightly expressed extravert
moderately expressed intuitive personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed perceiving personality

so far no NTs.

my results

Introverted: 67
Intuitive: 62
Feelings: 12
Judging: 11

I’d say that rather than thinkers we are feelers because most bmindful people I know are rather spiritual in their attitudes towards the world.

You see? all NF’s so far; just like me. The point is that we all have these traits to varying degrees and I, like you, am meticulous about some things and recless with others. It’s all a matter of what is important to you. The reason I dared to suggest that the main trend here would be NF is because they enjoy putting thoughts on paper. It’s essentially a solo and quiet persuit which provides an escape for our racing minds. You might want to try www.similarminds.com which is free but beware; it’s adictive, especially if like me you are border-line on these things. I scored very low in all traits except intuition, in which I scored 44. I scored only 4’s and 5’s in I,F and J. So on balance I’m an INFJ. Now before this all becomes too much about me, I should explain why I took the test; it might help you too.
I always felt that to be slow in decision making was weakness and I’m frequently very slow and wanted to know why. You other NF’s might be the same? The Carl Jung test showed me why; not that it helped me with decision making but at least helped me to accept it.
It’s my theory that the higher your scores in any trait the more decisive you are i.e. if you are a strong thinker, by definition you are low in feeling and visa-versa. If you are strong in introversion, again by definition, you must be weak in extroversion and so on. When traits are like this, it appears to me that desicion making is much easier because you are less affected by the counter point. If you’re score is low in these traits, inevitably you are right in the middle and consequently you can see both sides equally. To be half way between thinking and feeling, I assure you is agony; torn constantly between what my head and heart want or need. So, if you’re like that, this is a probable cause. It’s nothing to do with knowledge or lack of it; it’s just the way you are, trying to please two sides of yourself which are often completely opposite . And so here it is; being a rounded person is to be avoided at all costs. Revel in your pear shaped character; it’s what makes you who you are. It’s our uniqueness that makes things happen and in my case, I always know that even if it takes a long time, I will always do the right thing and I know that because I feel good afterwards. The afformation then; Be true to yourself and you are already rich. Amen :-)

Act positively, in the moment, with one eye on tomorrow. Freerace.

My results:ISFJ

Introverted: 44
Intuitive: 25
Feelings: 62
Judging: 33

Interesting, as along the general lines, the results are accurate. Anyone got ISFJ?

My results: INTJ

Introverted 56
Intuitive 12
Thinking 38
Judging 56

Any others? So far I think I am the odd man out, so to speak.

Yes I got ISFJ



Read a little about it and I do agree with most of it particulary not feeling appreciated at work.

enjoy life!


I agree with you—all well said.

We do all have these traits to varying degrees. I do remember when I was younger, I thought being more of an extrovert was “healthier”.

As I’ve aged, I have become more introverted and quite comfortable with that.

I can be talkative—when the situation brings out the best in me—when something makes me happy or simply think a lot. Though the exact same emotions—can have me acting less—and simply enjoying —and keeping it to myself. Also, as I’ve gotten older, I prefer to have a lot more quiet around me—and have less distraction when I engage in speaking, writing and …intense thought.

I’ve taking those tests before..I’ll do it to see how I compare today(: I really liked the Personality100.com It was fun and interesting.

I believe one reason Bmindful is successful-is-because most people today—want more truth, want to find good in life ( in others) and in themselves, and want to keep it more simple (and good). Waking up to an affirmation—is better any day than waking up to TV or newspaper headlines.

And words are POWERFUL! How we speak to ourselves and others is POWERFUL. A site like this—focusing on the good brings out powerfully good things in people. Thanks everyone for assisting in great moments, great days and great life.

Laurie Hi,

I’m glad that this thread has been so interesting; it’s my thing, human behaviour, and it’s great to get thoughts from others on their own results. I thought that the results would be a lot of N’s and F’s and in the main it was. These are some of the things that we have in common, being largely intuitive and/or feeling types. That tends to make us more concerned about ourselves and how we fit in with others. Hense the stronger than usual need to communicate, especially with like minded people, ie other people who care.

To your point about resumes then. It’s ok being creative with these things if the recipient appreciates it. Is that the case, what sort of thing are you applying for (rhetorical)? Not everyone is comfortable leaving the safety of the known and the norm, we must be aware of that. Having said that, if you know that novelty is the order of the day, try some lateral thinking; be your resume and sing it to them :-).

Act positively, in the moment, with one eye on tomorrow. Freerace.

Human behavior is my thing too(:

Melt86 and Freerace, I too am an INFJ. I took the test twice. I just got home from work, and thought maybe my answers were influenced by the work I do. What we do is not necessarily who we are—or in the case of a test like this who we believe we are. While my percentage scores came out different the INFJ remained the same.

Having just come home from work and a bit tired—I’m not sure my above response came out right. I was trying to express I took the test 2x because I thought my answers were in line with my work-mode -rather than how I perceived myself.And as I had mentioned percentages changed but the INFJ result was the same.

I’m an INFP, but I change sometimes to ENFP.


Well I came up with ENFJ – more feeling lot less judging!
What an interesting test — I think I know of a site that has some similar — I will see if I can find it and post it here!

I went and did the test again, because the last time I did it was a few years ago, I always think, I’m going to be so different cos I’ve changed so much, but no, I’m still INFP!

Strength of the preferences %
Introverted 33
Intuitive 56
Feeling 62
Perceiving 22

You are:

* moderately expressed introvert * moderately expressed intuitive personality * distinctively expressed feeling personality * slightly expressed perceiving personality

The first preference is sometimes confusing and mistaken for being an introvert or being an extrovert. It’s actually “what drives you”. Is it your inner voice? OR external events or people?


In response to laurie’s post:

Hi MM and Jeff,
I’m a INFJ(:

I wanted you guys to see this thread too(:

I’m so glad you found this. You guys know what I mean when I say there are hidden treasures all throughout bemindful. You just have to dig around for them.
I’m an NT by the way.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

In response to meditatingmama’s post:
In response to themadcookieman’s post:

When I took the test from the link on this page I was an INFJ
When I took the test MM shared I was ENTJ
What is an NT?

Remember this is how we see ourselves. That is pretty different results though, huh?

Hi Laurie and other INFJ’s!!

I was worried that this result meant that I am too insular, hasty and often acting with my heart before my head – I am gratefully comforted knowing that you are also an INFJ as I regularly read your postings and find a lot of identifcation with you!!! ;o)

A full and thankful heart..

Forgot to add my ‘worries’ were dismissed when I looked at the positive attributes!! ;o)

A full and thankful heart..

Very interesting thread! I am an INFP. These things sure get your brain bubbling. Keeping my numbers to myself, but I think I could have guessed this.

Mhm, I am an ISFJ
Introverted 22
Sensing 12
Feeling 25
Judging 1

Reading further in the description by Keirsey, I would be a protector. Never thought of myself as a protector.
As Lee says, there are a lot of questions where the answer was ‘it depends’.
And I am sure many I would answer differently if I were in a different mood.

Laurie, I agree with what you say for our work is not who we are. I believe ‘How’ we work comes from our personality. At least I can say that for my work.

…what a wonderful world….

In response to laurie’s post:

First of all Laurie, I have only “known” you for about six months. There is NO WAY that I see you as Introverted (The I in INFJ). I think that you are much more extroverted than introverted…or we wouldn’t see your smiling face all over this site!! :)

Just my 2 cents…


I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to meditatingmama’s post:
Agree completely :-)
And that’s what makes her so lovely.

…what a wonderful world….

In response to meditatingmama’s post:
Introverted, I’ve learned doesn’t have the typical meaning we are all accustomed to, in the context of the test.


Extraverted 33
Intuitive 12
Feeling 25
Perceiving 22

*moderately expressed extravert

*slightly expressed intuitive personality

*moderately expressed feeling personality

*slightly expressed perceiving personality


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hi ,im a
intresting to do ,love flowergirl

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