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★An Overarching Intention [Jeanie Marshall]...1

 videoAsk Yourself Empowering Questions by Jeanie Marshall

  •  articleIntention I think of an overarching intention as an umbrella that expands over all other intentions and thoughts and goals and desires. In its broadest concept, an overarching intention is a way of being or a way of wanting to be. It expands the powerof intention and helps you to be more conscious of your specific intention. to read article in its entirety
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  •  articleFinding A Bridge To The Intention Intention is broader than a goal. Goals are wonderful to identify; they are simply more specific than intention. Desired results are also helpful to identify; again, they are more specific than intention. It’s important to find the proper level of specificity, as you want to be focused enough, without limiting the Universe to deliver what you truly desire. Just as you need to set goals again and again, you need to identify your intention again and again. to read article in its entirety

Here are a few examples of Positive and Good Intention. Notice the simplicity. You will find it easier to remember a few words than a complex sentence. Notice the focus. You want to inspire yourself about a way of being in your intention, rather than to delineate specific actions or end results.

  •  To feel free.
  •  To approach this situation with openness and eagerness.
  •  With love in my heart.
  •  Open and appreciative.
  •  Fully engaged in the present moment.
  •  Seeking balance.

 to read more -http://www.empowering-personal-development.com/the-power-of-intention.html

The steps to write your Positive Intention to make it more empowering are very simple:

  •  Identify the subject or situation (for example, on a phone call with someone).
  •  Think about how you want to be (for example, loving, open, friendly, confident).
  •  Start to write (just make an attempt; write a lot or write a little).
  •  Create a brief intention (for example a phrase or just a word that represents your intention).
  •  Ask yourself if your written intention is positive and compelling (for example, do you feel inspired or clear or relieved?).
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Copyright © 2008-2012 and beyond Jeanie Marshall Marshall House 223 Wilshire Boulevard, #300 Santa Monica, CA 90403


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article25 Inspiring Intentions


5 Steps To Setting Powerful Intentions    By Deepak Chopra, M.D.

1. Slip into the Gap

2. Release Your Intentions and Desires

3. Remain Centered in a State of Restful Awareness

4. Detach from the Outcome

5. Let the Universe Handle the Details

Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. When I decide to buy a birthday present, wiggle my toes, or call a friend, it all starts with intention.to read more



When should you set an intention? You could set an intention every day.

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