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★˚ 7 Benefits of Keeping a Success Journal & more


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♥♫♥✿♥article♥♫♥✿♥ “ 7 Benefits of Keeping A Success Journal

7 Benefits Of Keeping a Success Journal —by Mike Martorella

An excellent way to reinforce the importance of your daily accomplishments, big or small, is to keep a success journal. Even if there were only a few simple things you did well that day, for example, “I made it to the meeting on time” or “I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the new employee”, writing down and recognizing your successes – no matter how basic they may seem, creates positive reinforcement and over time these positive reminders add up and enhance your self-esteem and strengthen your self-confidence.
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Here is a helpful rundown of the 7 benefits of keeping a success journal:

1. Giving yourself credit when you do well

2. Ending your day on a positive note

3. Starting the next day on a positive note

4. Documenting successes will have an accumulative effect over time

5. Recognizing that success can be very simple

6. Creating a positive habit for yourself

7. Using this tool for positive reflection later on

Mike Martorella, Founder and CEO of MMI Communication, has 10+ years experience as an executive coach. He works with successful high potentials and senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies, which currently include Air Products, Bunge, and IBM. Mike often works with executives in transition within a company. He helps them develop executive presence, build followership and act in alignment with the organization’s big picture as they navigate complex environments to achieve success. Learn more about Mike and read his blog, Leadership Today Update, at http://www.mmicom.com


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I notice each little improvement in my life. ► I acknowledge my progress and celebrate it daily. ► I easily progress from one undertaking to the next. ► I move forward without hesitation. ► I find something to celebrate every day. ► I always make choices that benefit my cause. ►I focus on my dream, and eagerly take the next step to bringing it into reality. ►It feels great to be putting my life in order. ► I can see light at the end of the tunnel now. ►No matter where I am, I am always looking forward. ► I encourage and praise myself even when things don’t turn out as I planned. ► I congratulate myself every day for the great progress I am making. ► I congratulate myself for all the good in my life because I know that I co-created it…& my Creator (of my understanding) is the Perfect Partner(:

Sleep – What do you feed your subconscious mind when you sleep?

Think – What thoughts feed your conscious mind during the day?

Eat – Did you eat healthy or unhealthy foods today?

Physical – Did you get any physical activity today?

Spirit – Did you nourish your spiritual muscles?
from 5 steps a day

 affirmation video Harness The Absolute Law Of Attraction — & Get What You WANT!  (this video below)

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"Success" article (strategies)




“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” – George S. Patton

“I am abundant and have all the happiness, love and positive energy I need to have the most amazing day.”


“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” -Zig Ziglar

“The grass is greener where you water it.” — Neil Barringham


Ask yourself- what about what I'm doing supports the life I am choosing to create?

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4. Documenting successes will have an accumulative effect over time

I love this!

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