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★Relaxing /Meditating Music

Anyone like to share your favourite relaxing and/or meditating music.

Here is some beautiful music to start the thread

relaxing music




Agnetha Faltskog

this is the solo album from Agnetha who was in Abba ,I have included it here a s her voice is so gentle and relaxing


I know the internet is filled with relaxing & meditative-type music…though, personally I have yet to find an abundance of selections which work for me. I know I have some old threads of relaxing sounds…(water falls etc)… Whatever I have (which I enjoy) I tend to replay…because it works. When I locate some from the past I’ve posted previously, I’ll post a link. I would love to see this thread grow so I can save them… I would imagine in this hustle bustle world, some others would most likely appreciate it too. Thanks for starting this thread. health & happiness, AGoodVibe

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Ritmo & Compas – Enganaita 6 min 18 sec

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    Bella Santana
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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Neil Young
This guy has created some great tunes in his life.
1971 I remember it well
moody jill

“We’ll pick you up”

I find Solfeggio Scale Frequencies really effective in general. There are a ton of youtube videos with 528 Hz. Some are just pure tones and others are combined with ambient music.

I also really like Shpongle, but I’m kind of partial to psychedelic stuff :) I usually listen to Shpongle albums, which can also be found on youtube, when I’m focusing on third eye activation during meditation. It works :)

Here’s a nice chill meditative style album from Maiia called Sacred Knowledge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU8Eih6Owr0


this is beautiful


natures beauty

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