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★Selective Thinking

So the question arises,what is selective thinking?
And the short answer is thoughts that I select to think.
a hicks

Abraham and your being

I would say doing my best,is all that source,god,goddess,or the creator
of the universe would ask of me.
Anyway positive thinking videos can be a source of inspiration.
Inspirational video

more inspirational quotes

take what resonates and leave the rest

y didn’t I think of that

Really Vienna?

Selective thinking:

When one “chooses” and distinguishes that which he no longer is willing to do. One is no longer deluded by things of the senses but has in mind a clue that which will guide him out of the maze of the lower life perceptions.

Selective thinking: throughout the day, one realizes the concept of energy, and later on, the use and misuse of energy. One realizes that this energy gives rise to direction and the treading of a Path. It produces truthful manifestation and it displays one’s light.

Selective thinking can be describe many ways.
Another example:Water flows in a selective way“the path of least
resistance“because of the law of gravity.
Thinking is not subject to the law of gravity,however thoughts very often tend to follow the path of least resistance.

These days I've noticed this about my thinking.

For instance making a decision,

I can quickly decide something and go with that decision

or I can keep thinking about other options.

It's usually when I consider other possibilties

I decide accurately.Or I go with my first thought.

So it's a good practice I guess.



In response to I'llbcinya's post:

like that








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