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★My vision for this forum

It used to take me hours to write articles for bmindful. The huge time commitment required is one of the reasons why I didn’t update the site as often as I’d have liked to and why I asked a few people to contribute articles as well.

What took so long? Some articles required research, even if it was just looking for who to credit a quote to. I’d plan out most articles, starting with a point that I was trying to make and working backwards in an attempt to create a legible and easy to understand piece that flowed well, made the point in the most clear and concise way possible and made sure I’d included all the necessary details without babbling on about unrelated or unnessesary things.

They weren’t all this way, some of them just flowed from my fingertips and I couldn’t wait to make them live. The majority however never seemed to be perfect and I either released them reluctantly or scrapped them all together.

One of the reasons I created this forum was to allow me, and all of you, to just write! Of course it has to be legible but there’s just no need to spend hours editing when your posting to a forum.

This is in no way devaluing the content of this forum, the exact opposite in fact! The quick moving, free flowing forum that I intend this to be will be incredibly productive when it comes to sharing ideas, solving problems and maybe, changing the world.

I intend this forum to be a soundboard of sorts. No matter how small and insignificant a thought might seem, get it out there and share it with the world! Don’t spend hours editing, just let the thought evolve as you’re putting the proverbial pen to paper.

This style of writing is cathartic, helps evolve and mature thoughts and can be incredibly productive and useful for not only yourself but also others reading the post. If it’s a problem you’re writing about, you’ll probably find others that have encountered similar troubles and might have advice or simply find comfort in knowing their not alone.

If it’s a learning or observation you’re writing about then the act of writing about it will ensure you don’t forget it, will allow you to expand and reflect on it and posting it to this forum will allow others to benefit from what you’ve just learned.

I guess this spontaneous prose style post is trying to say just this, on this forum I don’t want anyone to be afraid to participate in any way they’d like. The bmindful community is supportive and nurturing and the more personalities and points of view we have taking part the better it will be for everyone!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

I am a great believer in things being meant to happen, if you just recognise the opportunity. Feeling restless and unmotivated to put more into my life in order to get more out of it, I was on the internet not doing much, when I saw the bmindful site in my bookmarks and I thought okay why not have a look. The frustration was that I had moved and had a new email address, which meant I couldn’t access my old page. So with Lee’s help and a lot of determination I got myself back to my affirmations and read them all again and remembered how good I felt saying them to myself. If you have doubts whether any of this works, just try not being connected to that part of yourself for a while. I have been feeling all over the place and not focused or grounded as if I had lost my way and lately I have been getting signs that I have been neglecting that part of my self which is my soul. It’s possibly been crying out for sustenance and I have been ignoring it and wondering why I feel the way I do.
So the Universe gives you a nudge and if you are smart you will listen. I am listening!!!!
Lee was talking about flowing from the fingertips, I have never been known to use one word when ten will do, and I hope all this makes sense to at least someone out there

Goddess :)

Go to your soul home! I know how you feel, I too have gone too long and too far from my home. Spring has woken me up.


This is a wonderful vision you have had Lee… You have given yourself so selflessly to so many people, and have inspired them through the affirmation page. We look forward to seeing great things from you Lee!

With love, light and protection,
Jude xxx ooo

Freygan, thank you for your words. Perhaps that’s what has happened Spring has woken me up!!! about time too I might add.

I agree with Judyann-that yes Lee your site is truly wonderful!

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Lee stated … “just let the thought evolve as you’re putting the proverbial pen to paper”.

“This style of writing is cathartic, helps evolve and mature thoughts and can be incredibly productive and useful for not only yourself but also others reading the post”.

Lee, thanks for allowing us all to be ourselves wherever we are…allowing us all to be who we are….and who we are working toward.

I. Personal Journeys For Us All
One of my beliefs (regarding Bmindful) … is we are all entitled to our unique journeys here. “In the world”..many will use power-language on the job, in financial dealings to ‘force’ agendas. This is a place of be yourself and grow..and God willing ..may your travels assist others. The cool thing about sharing is it is never strictly for ourselves..others do read..and pick up points that resonate for them.

II. Claim Your Journey As Your Own.
Others can take what they need..and then it becomes theirs..for their unique path. I love that about bmindful; we are not here to tell others the ‘way’… I believe we all hope what we at least help not only ourselves but at least 1 other person.
III. Growth with Bmindful
As we grow, what we believe pertaining to growth and how to proceed with our growth changes. Slowly I will be changing… deleting… what I began in various old threads/links etc

In my early attempts here I was…learning to navigate, getting to know what the community meant to me, and where it was going…and how I wanted to be a part of it for contribution and for personal growth.

IV. Love and Respect on Bmindful
Bmindful has one characteristic that hasn’t changed from its beginnings… when there were only a few of us…love and respect are still key. People chatting about what is close to their heart is still what is all about. You can imagine how unique a site can become with so many people sharing what they believe is ‘the way’. And what is so wonderful many agree on some basics… and where there is little agreement, it is respectfully noted…most all of the time.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

This is the first time i have read this thread and it has helped me so much with something that was bothering me .

I write from the heart on here and my journey is about learning to like myself ,accepting where im at and while learning to use positive affirmations also sometimes expressing some of my negative thoughts – not as affirmations but as me being open about how i feel .I hope this can help others to see its ok to have bumps along the way and it has helped me so much when other bmindfullers send messages,hugs,and kindness ,
love flowergirl

In response to Lee’s post:

Hi ((((((LEE)))))) & ((((((flowerchild))))))

Lee what u wrote just captured a part of me inside i can not even explain it. Before i joined this site as a member i use to come to it everyday and i loved it and always wondered who is this person, a man, a woman, that doesnt matter i just felt so lifted too have the informationn u have for free even if u arent a part i mean a member u have sooooooooooo much to offer as qell for free. i didnt even realize there was a choice to join until i got some kinda email anyways i dont rememebr but i knew the compassion this person which is u had. It was so inspiring, see i created a support group online as well, it is for free but we accept donations when i first started it i used a free yahoo site , when i started to grow i created a professiona one with a Web developer i hired anyways my point is , is that i was so happy to see such compassion and love and kindness that yes stil excist in tis worls. i was feeling so aloe even with mym group. I mention my group cause of the way u said about the hard work and then u found it to “flow” out of u, it does doesnt it, i worked so hard creating my site with articles crisis support hotines for all over the owrld and such but now i loook back and say hey man that was all worth it those sleeples snights and so forth i am sure u understand!!

I want u to know i have neevr ever and i have been “researching” the net for all kinds of things nothing specific , i have neevr come across such a full informmative
site and also such a low fee for a “lifetime” membership u are a “Gift” (((Lee))) to all of us here.

some people are gifted and some have to work so hard at it, it comes so naturally to u i can tell it was just lke when i was doing my group it was just a natural thing i felt i had to do it was like a force was driving me, i even didnt keep up with my chores or anything my whole soul and heart was focused on creating the group and i woudnt publish it until this or that was just rihgt and until each memeber would benefit some how.

i know i am going on and on but (((lee))) and the other people or person i know of one but dont know her his name are doing such a “wonderful” thing with your lives i am hoping i am also contributing thta much to y group for my members as well?

I look forward to coming here everyday when i am nnot too busy, i hope u dont mind and i guess this is coming a little late i have used your personal affirmations on my group, if there is AN problem with that I will remove them what i do is basically
““start a new Topic” i put the date there and put whatever the subject maybe in the bottom line of the topic title, my members absolutely love them :) I started touse them before i joined and new that ii could be a member i sure HOPE this was ok i didnt even think about it cause they were free, and then i thought today when i read a messge to me that about using someones to put her name there, i have to admit it kind of scared me. BUT I WANT U TO know right now when ii do it again which is every othefr morning and i skipped yeseday and today cause actually i was here i am now going to “NAME the TPOIC” BmindfuL then at the bottom of the topic i will put “daily journal& annd the topic i am focusing on”“ like weight loss and such, AND i wil not post any to my group UNTILi get an OK from u or your assistant.

i sure hope u arent mad and such and u dot drop me i dotn know what i would do without this group, i also have been taken off of actually 2 MEDICATIONS since being here it made my husband so proud i have bought books that your partner poster the linkk to it is all about personal growth.. i was always such a DARK person now it is like i even feel lighter ad i have only been reading, but i guess by posting them actually typing them to my group subject they are starting to sink in and i couldnt be more happier especially about the meds see i am Bipolar i am usually normally on 6 different kinds of medicines but through the years they got dropped added again and so forth

i just do not know how to thank u at all and yes (((flowergirl))) there are obstacles or as u said BUMPY roads we all have them but it is how much WE let them affect us and how well we deal and see it and how there is always a positve learning experience there . i am always finding something positive in the negative now and i owe my mental state which is so good right now to this site

so to u (((((LEE))))) and all your supporters helpers guides or what have u i will always be here and IF U EVER need assistance in any form I WOULD be more than willing to research or do anything to lend u a helping hand. As much as u & ALL have done for me here LEE u have created such a loving enviromeent and the members each and every one of them are very supportive and willing to help, it makes u feel a little like safe if that makes sense.

ok i will stop now i just really dont know what to say my husband and my son my whole family has been getting along even so much better it is all cause i am healthier and i do believe i had a great big part of it but it all started here, as u said before, but for me THIS WAS MY foundation to my new lifestyle :):) BIG SMILEYS

Hope u all have a peaceful night? !!

support group / 4 any mental health,sharing coping strategies &learning through each others experiences :):) Family&Friends also Welcome :) :) LOLAH

Thank you so much for your message janymak! It’s inspiring to hear your story.

I don’t have any assistants or anything, everything you see here is the work of the community. We’re very lucky to have such great people on bmindful, keeping it ticking over and adding so much, helping so many.

janymak, you’re included here too. By sharing your story and being so honest, you’re inspiring and supporting many. Thank you :)

And I have no problems with you using the affirmations. Thank you for asking though :)

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Thanks Lee for your kind word to me, i am especially thankful to u for letting me use your inspiring affirmations. I am trying to get some of m y friends ot join too.
i think they come to the site. I am actually going to in a few months i forget the actualy date but its in my calender my firends birthday so my gift to him i am thinking a membership here, he has about the many same disorders as i and is so compassionate and kind like u all here. he is actually my Adminitrator for me and he contributes so much to the group.

i feel corney or i should say think others think i am corney by what i write in replies and such, it is just that i have neevr let anyone in and by far wasnt very honest with myself either my whole life almost, just believed almost the total opposite of any given situation, in regards to my illnesses of the mental health

i now can see it was a way to cope and get through it all, so it doesnt seem so bad now that i see it that way, i always felt dishonest with myself and others maybe that is why I inforce the importance on my son to be honest with any and i mean any given situation he may find himself in, he is only 15 , he has been diagnosed as ADHD combined type since i think it was 7 but i know he was in second grade.

anyways we actually have quite the unique relationship even as a teeen we talk hours and hours sometimes even into the late night, since he knows how true i am to him, he is to me, i always always told him :

““Andrew i want u to know and always remember this and promise u will not forget. I will never ever be mad at u or judge u in any way shape or form,but yes i am a parent so i might get disappointed ,it is my job , my “responsibility to help, guide and make u into the best man that u want and can be. so just be ““honest”“ in any and all phases of your life,and most importanty be the most honest with me, and we can that way solve a problem, issue or whatever it maybe instead of yelling and grounding, in the same respect we both will ateats come out of it, if it was something bad u did, learning a lesson for we might need to know in our next adventure and journey!!!! and u know what he is , he tells me everythign, every day when he comes home from school and what have u.Many many mothers and even teachers tell me i have never seen such a relationship as u have with your son and the way he talks about u and such. so it makes me feel very good, hopefully this is a good thing for our family and is the proper way into guiding him as i said to do whtever he wants to be and being able to be successful at the time as well.????

Thanks to whomever got this far down, i totally tell myself to not go over board, i will try to control the length for now on, promise, i guess most of u can tell i talk a whole LOT too, hehehe its all good :)
I ““hope”“ u all have a veryy peaceful, and relaxing weekend ahead of u??


support group / 4 any mental health,sharing coping strategies &learning through each others experiences :):) Family&Friends also Welcome :) :) LOLAH

Lee’s vision for forum
Lee wrote the following in regard to intent for Bmindful:
The bmindful discussions are provocative statements, questions or short stories written with the intention of getting the entire bmindful community involved in a topic specific discussion. /

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    []Bmindful began in 2005.[] The site moved to its current location in 2007.[]Creator of Bmindful – Lee Nutter (& former owner)[]New Owner is-BUNIQUE (KEITH)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

so pleased you bumped this back up Selfcare
love flowergirl

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