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★Effects of a 10 mile walk

Hi all,

Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed by information, to much impressions, to much input.. A few weeks ago my grandpa told me that he always go for a long walk if he has this feeling. So I did that as well. At first it was heavy for me. I’m not an experienced walker and my grandpa told me that he feel effect after a minimum of 1.5 hour walking. I tried a few times last week but I don’t feel any effect. I had my headphones on with a little music to enjoy my time while walking.

You guys have any experiences with this? Any tips and hints?

Thanks a lot!


In response to Anaconda’s post:

Anaconda your post is very close to my heart your grandpa is a very wise man.
I do the same as he does when I am upset about something or just walk for exercise. Walking really builds up your endorphins as mara said. I rarely take any music with me because it gets in the way of my thinking what I need to do with my problem.

I start to pray first for a little help and then go from there. My main affirmation is “every day and in every way I am getting better, better and better.”


I find the effect kicks in at 45 minutes.

Walking a lot is absolutely linked to living longer. Extended, low stress exercise is a powerful thing.

I love to walk and listen to music and daydream. I get to the endorphin buzz in about 45 minutes, and have trouble convincing myself to go back inside.

I recently bought barefoot shoes (Sockwas) and that makes the experience even more enjoyable. I walk on grass. It’s lovely.

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